Egyptian Healing RODS are VITIC RODS

You must have seen some Ancient Egyptian statues holding cylindrical rods in their hands.
What are they? Stamps, perfumed handkerchiefs, handles of a stretcher or Egyptian Rods?
Что держат в руках статуи фараонов, дошедшие до наших дней?

We found information about these Egyptian Rods in a manuscript by Kont (Count) Stefan Colonn Walewski “Caucasian yoga“.

The Ancient Eurasian Tradition called Ahmsta Kebzeh or Caucasian yoga has got several thousands of years of practicing.

That is a closed system – Tradition of the Elite.

"But nothing is covered that will not be revealed"

The time has came, and the knowledge of Caucasian Yoga are available for us now.

Рукопись Конта Валевского «Кавказская йога»

Egyptian Healing RODS aren't today's inventions.

Since 1994 they were recreated by our Company from ancient manuscript by Kont Walewski «Caucasian Yoga».

Before us, in America at the beginning of the last century, the first Rods were made - we have them. These are VITIC RODS 1912.

What is the purpose of Rods.

We live in the age of extraordinary emotional stress, when we spend a lot of nervous energy.

Do You have constant, chronic fatigue, lethargy, premature aging and indifference to the pleasures of life?

All these are manifestations of a deficit of NERVE ENERGY.

No drugs, no stimulants as coffee, tea, tobacco, energy drinks

don't help with nervous disorders and exhaustion.

But how can we restore our NERVE ENERGY?

Egyptian Healing RODS were created by the Ancient Egyptians for RESTORATION of NERVE ENERGY.

Here's what was said about the Egyptian Rods in the manuscript by Kont (Count) Walewski "Caucasian Yoga":

IX ARCAN.“RECHARGING NERVOUS ENERGY. The way, used in Ancient Egypt for strengthening energy flows within a human body, was shown on the figures, demonstrating the second Master-Arkan

Цилиндры фараона
The pose of EGYPT MASTER SYSTEM for the resumption of nervous energy
((you have to be relaxed and follow to the sun)

Two rods clasped in the of this standing figures, were the grips of tremendous power, akin to electricity (secondary electricity), which when ther grips were held in the hands released this energy into the body, to be stored in unipolar ganglias and in spinal fluid. The renewal of energetic potential is hundred-per-cent and continues for day and night during 24 hours...’’

Daily work with the Rods has a beneficial effect in cases of
- over-agitation and nervous disorders;
- vegeto-vascular disorders;
- normalize the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses;
- removing stress, spastic phenomena, nervous tics and obsessive-compulsive movements;
- problems with arterial pressure;
- chronic fatigue and nervous exhaustion;
- always promote a deeper sleep, having a positive effect on the nervous system, removing insomnia.


The medical researches by specialist from Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute led by Dr M.A. Nikulin has shown

During the testing works of person with Rods:
24 operating parameters of internal organs of a person started to gather in one green line, which meant the normal work of organism, even though some of these organs had deviations.
Increased rates decreased to average, while reduced rates increased. This level is the health level.

"When any pathologies within a human body are detected we observe a thermal asymmetry between the ill and healthy parts of the body. Held in hands, the Rods equalize this thermal asymmetry, thus showing their therapeutic effect."
(From the experimental record)

How is it possible for RODS to act so rationally and to find a reason for each disease to affect it? Decreasing some parameters of work and increasing others, Rods are able to act individually, adapting to each person?

Medical explanation
Rods activate mechanisms of regulation of the nervous system that are responsible for configuring and balance work of human organism -
the vegetative nervous system, the endocrine system, the hypothalamus, and so on.

" The vegetative nervous system is drawn into the process, and there is an energetic activation of the tissues of both the upper limbs, and the body as a whole. As a consequence, headache is alleviated and blood pressure tends towards the norm."
(From the experimental record)

Rods activate the mechanism of self-improvement self-improvement, which gaves by nature in our organism from birth - the mechanism of activation of the nervous system.

Rods "activate all functional systems and ashievement of optimal level. This level is unique for each person"
(From the experimental record)

This optimal level is the level of health.
Caucasian Yoga's explanation
From the point of view of Ahmsta Kebzeh any disease is violation of free flowing energetic streams.

These violations may be caused by emotional, physical or intellectual blocks. Those blocks penetrate the nervous system, ruin energetic nerve streams and devitalize person.

The rods increase the flow of energy, destroy the blocks on theirs way and fill the organs and systems by nerve, vitic force.

Just recovered NERVE RORCE and VITIC FORCE makes our organism follow the path to the fastest recreation of our health, when there is a treatment of the diseases which are not giving in to traditional methods as it will be involved deep mechanisms, stimulating not one concrete body, but all organism as a whole.

Egyptian Healing RODS - VITIC POWER RODS.

We can say that the NERVE force and the VITIC force are the same.

Nervous system operates by   VITIC FORCE

The activity of our vital organs depends upon this form of Nerve Force. A high level of this Nerve Force produces robust health and the ability to resist disease. This leads to a long, peaceful, healthy life.

This is the Nerve Force that produces our muscular action.

Dynamic part is a PRANA,
which is moving through all body. It is also called «Vitic heat» or biological flame. This is general viability of the organism and its resistance to external influences.
Essentially a mental quality, a powerful Mental Nerve Force that produces a keen intellect, good memory, mental endurance and a generally high psychic power. Mental Nerve is responsible for the development of psychic abilities.
Static part is a spiritual potential of Vitic Force, a potential energy of Kundalini. This force is a statical basement for the whole bode and all its moving pranical parts. This form of Vitic Force is one of the qualities of the initial psychic energy.

The Rods are amplifier and harmonizer of Vital energy (the Chinese-CHI, Egyptians-Ka) in the human body. They restore the natural circulation of energy in our organism and raise its level.

"I have been working with the metals and minerals for years, but this is the best I have ever held in my hands."
Vadim Polyakov, a Candidate of Science and a President of Applied Parapsychology Association.


The actual goal of using Egyptian RODS is not to get healthier, but it is technology for reaching high spiritual states and health recovery is a consequence of reaching high spiritual states.

Depending on the aim and the preparation Egyptian Healing RODS have different fillings with various combinations of minerals mentioned in Walewski's manuscript.

Rods-Kont (Cylinders of the Pharaoh) Rods of health - restore the ORGANIC NERVE FORCE ( prana), working on the physical and the vital plane.

Trinity Rods
Mental ancient technologies for the expansion of consciousness. Amplifiers psychic energy. Working with them is recommended only for prepared users.

The first principle of ALCHEMY Ahmsta Kebzeh ( Caucasian Yoga) says:
"The human nervous system is the divine alchemical laboratory. Its capabilities are beyond any competition not only on Earth but throughout the Universe. Its creation is the Central theme of all earthly evolution of Homo sapiens... and any transformations that take place in the process of meditation, contemplation and prayer, are alchemical transformations in the nervous system of the practitioner, where he practices acts as chief chemist of the divine laboratory."

Отзывы Жезлы Египтян Rods.ruЖизненная силаМентальные технологии

From all over the world - Physics, Egyptologists, experts of alternativ medicine joined to researches of egyptian Vitic Rods.

The results shoked the scientists, egyptian healing Rods is unique device, which is working with electric human’s nature.

The highest value of the Electromotive Force among the metals is in pairs Zn-Cu, of which is made the case of the Rods.

Walewski's manuscript also proves all those results. It is said that if you are working with Rods there is "secondary electricity, which to be stored in unipolar ganglias, and spinal fluid".

This current is enough to activate the nerve endings. The Rods's filler (crystals, magnets, minerals) are used to start resonant processes in the brain and nervous system. The form and dimensions of the Rods are made that they work as antenna.

Пирамида А. Голода For increasing effectiveness Rods go through obligatory exposition in the 22 meters Pyramid of A.Golod located on the lake Seliger.

Rods are produced in strict accordance with the Golden Section.principle.

Egyptian Healing RODS are our part, contribution in revival of Ancient Traditions.

Egyptian Healing RODS is only a small part of Ancient Eurasian tradition Ahmsta Kebzeh or Caucasian Yoga, the self-development tool.

People, who practice this system, know that:

"It solves any problem in any sphere of life, it can answer any question and meet any situation even if it is connected physical, mental, spiritual or psychological sphere.”

But even for people, which are not involved in Caucasian yoga, RODS.RU is a great helper in improving their nerve, vitic power in stress situation, chronic fatigue. Rods help the organism to work in a proper, healthy way and prolong youth.

We are happy to afford you Egyptian Healing RODS.RU,
which are helping for a lot of people all over the world.

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