Feelings when using the Rods

Analysing the sensations reported by those who have tried the Rods for a greater or lesser length of time, it is possible to distinguish three basic groups:

  1. Those, who feel nothing.
    Typically the absence of any feelings indicates that an organism is rather "poluted". In such a case a purification diet is recommended to clear the energy channels.
    One of the most suitable diets, after factoring into consideration the individual peculiarities of any person, is the vegetarian diet Eating only fruit and vegetables for 48 hours a week will help cleanse the organism
    The scientific research has proven that the influence of the Ancient Egyptians' Rods on the people holding them does not depend on the feelings experienced by these people. However, the efficiency of the Rods does depend on the level of an organism "pollution". It was for this reason that made the Ancient Egyptians applied different diets and various fasts, when being prepared for initiation ("Communication with the Gods").
  2. Those, having weak feelings.
    This group includes the bulk of those surveyed. They experience either a warmth or coolness, a pulsation in the hands, a slight prickling, sometimes an increase in pulse-rate, very occasionally dizziness.
  3. Those, having strong feelings.
    This small group includes people who felt "flows" or "waterfalls" of energy washing over their bodies inside and out. Some feel an irresistible upward urge, as if their whole bodies were trying to take off. This is accompanied by an unusual feeling of lightness and an elevated mood. We should point out that, although these three main categories do exist, the range and strength of sensations can fluctuate. This is due to the energy cycles of the Earth and the individual.
    There will be days when, for objective reasons of a cosmic nature, your energy system will be insufficiently active and therefore the sensations will be weak or absent altogether, although you have become used to feeling the effect of the Rods. A tendency to have "visions" while using the Rods suggests an inclination towards psychological illness. We do not recommend using the Rods in such cases. It does not make sense to view the Rods only as a treatment for one disease or another. The Rods are above all a prophylactic device. They help balance deviations from the norm and thus prompt a significant improvement in many conditions. First and foremost, though, the Rods are a tool for "attainment", allowing you to achieve a step-by-step evolution of your capacities.
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  5. Those, feeling the Rods at some higher level.
    There are a few who are inspired by something sublime, and possess great experience of inner spiritual emotions. However, sometimes they are unable to describe their feelings which could be accompanied by bright, colourful or rapid visions. Or, an experience of peace and rest occupy their inner world. They have unusual dreams. Nearly all of the representatives of this group tell about some inner experience, gained when communicating with the Rods, that is hard to define. This group of feelings includes "burning pain" near a head crown or "the third eye".

Those, who are weaker or having health troubles, usually feel the Rods' influence stronger. This effect can be explained by a fact, that the activated energy flows attack pathologically blocked channels , causing reactions, experienced rather strong. Healthy people have their channels' capacity normal, and the energy, activated by the Rods' influence flows smoothly and fluently. Thus, healthy people may feel the Rods' influence a bit less at first. The case is that feelings of an ordinary modern man are so weakly developed, that one can feel inner disorders only at the level of pain, when the organism cries "SOS". However, in a month or two of regular exercises with the Rods the sensitivity can be improved enough to feel the inner energy flows, and then to discover disorders in advance, when they are easy to cure. But having once started the exercises and feeling no result, some people become disappointed and stop exercising. So it is important to know and take into consideration, that the exercises have different efficiency during different periods of time.

It was known long ago, that influences of the "male" energy, Yang, and "female" energy, Yin, alternated with each other every two hours. Thus, because of the fact, said, the hours are called Yin and Yang-hours. The energy during the Yang-hours is considered to be live, and during the Yin-hours dead. So, the exercises, done during the four Yang periods, are much more efficient: the hours from 23 to 1, from 11 to 13, from 5 to 7 and from 17 to 19. Moreover, the exercises, done between 23 and 1 a.m. are considered to be the most efficient.

It is also extremely important to take into consideration one's own bio-rhythms, when practicing with the Rods. As is it known, the physical, emotional and intellectual bio-rhythms have different periods, that are 23, 28 and 33 days. Starting phases of these rhythms coincide with the moment of a person's birth. Each period of theses three rhythms can be divided into two equal parts: the first part is called "positive half-period", and the second the "negative half-period". When in the "positive half-period" we feel physical, emotional and intellectual enthusiasm until a critical point is reached. After that, the "negative half-period" or a breakdown begins. You will feel the Rods' influence much better, when your physical, emotional and intellectual functions are mainly in the "negative half-period". But any attempts to learn the concentration on the colour vibrations of different body parts should be done when all of the three rhythms are in the "positive half-period". In such a case the exercises will be more successful.

You may also experience the following feelings: