The Rods-FREE

In April, 2001 our Company started the production of a new type of the Rods named Rods-FREE.

Egypt Rods-Free

The problems of YIN-YANG imbalance appear frequently nowadays. Some people have an excess of YIN (feminine source energy) the other possess an excess of YANG (masculine source energy).

For example, a man with an excess of YIN can face the problem of metabolism disorder or decreasing of sexual activity, and other unpleasant symptoms./p>

If someone has an excess of YANG, rather common for women, it may lead to the particular hormonal disorders. To cope up with that misbalance one can use the new kind of Rods – Rods-FREE. They represent Zinc and Copper Rods only 90 mm long (small Rods) with a filling. One of those Rods is used as an addition to a set of the Rods-QUARTZ or CRYSTAL

Method of Use:

1) If a person needs to increase a YIN energy flow (e.g., if a woman has an excess of masculine hormones and sharp domination of YANG is observed), a small Copper Rod-FREE should be held in the right hand, and the left hand should hold an ordinary Zinc Rod-QUARTZ (or CRYSTAL).

2) If a person needs to increase a YANG energy flow (e.g., if a man has an excess of feminine hormones and sharp domination of YIN is observed), an ordinary Copper Rod-QUARTZ (or CRYSTAL) should be held in the right hand, and the left hand should hold a small Zinc Rod-FREE.

Time limits for working:

One should work with the Rods under the control of a specialist, who will determine the level of misbalance and set the time limits for working with the Rods, as appropriate.

During a period of time from the 18th of December, 2000 till the 28th of March, 2001 some employees of International Shaping Federation (ISF) were investigating the use of the Rods-FREE.

In the investigation 5 groups of nearly healthy volunteers, were formed under the control of ISF doctor. According to a plan of investigation the 1st group were was working with Magnetic Rods, 2nd – with Quartz Rods, 3d – with YAN-Rod (small copper), 4th – with YIN-Rod (small Zinc), and the 5th group wasn’t working with any kinds of the Rods at all, being, the control group.

As a result of investigation these facts were discovered:

Each of the Rods influenced the bio-field with increases of up to 0,4-0,7 m observed. The efficiency of chakras’ functioning increased up to 21 – 26% Defects of bio-field disappeared, that affects positively on its vector Δα, and powerful increasing of stress protection was observed, especially in the case of YANG-Rods.

In some cases the YANG-Rods can be used for increasing the efficiency of immune system functioning and for quick liquidation all of the real stress consequences.

In some cases the YAN-Rods can be used for effective relaxation.

But You can Use one Sun Rod-Free and one Moon Rod-Free also.

If You held only one Sun Rod-Free in the right hand - it acts as a stimulant without any depressing after-effect, and in the left hand - it acts as a sedative.

Under its stimulation influence the nervous system is generally benefited; mental fatigue rapidly disappears, and morbid conditions such as neurasthenia, insomnia, and feeble action of the heart readily yield to it. If You held only one Moon Rod-Free in left hand - it stimulates the heart action, but only so long as You held Moon Rod-Free. If You held Sun Rod-Free in the right hand, Moon Rod-Free in the left hand and perpendicularly to ground – it will clean nice Your energy field as before as back.