Our Company has been investigating Egyptian Healing RODS.RU since 1994 year.
We found information about these Rods in a manuscript by
Count Walewski "Caucasian Yoga".

Caucasus is an ancient and mysterious land.
Narts used to preach here,
Priests of Ancient Egypt and Sufis were looking for the Source of their teachings.
Presence of Caucasian Source knowladge is haunting people’s
minds for a long time.

Doctrine KEBZEH was born in the West Caucasus long time ago.
It was considered that KEBZEH (Habze) has two parts:
1) individual etiquette;
2) public canon.

Only in the last century, after edition in 1995 in USA of «Caucasian yoga» by Kont (COUNT) Stefan Kolonna Walewski the third, secret part Ahmsta Kebzeh became known.

This third level is called - Caucasian Yoga or Tradition of the Elite.

This is one of the oldest esoteric Traditions, which combine the ancient knowledge of Caucasian Highlanders and mystical experience, that goes back to Ancient Egypt, Iran, Mazdaznan’s zaroastrism.

Caucasian yoga and the Tradition of the Elite used to be a teaching of leading elite, that why it was a closed knowledge.

The right to address to the Source could not have been transmitted automatically from father to son or daughter. One should have deserved an access to secrets, not only it was necessary to descend from the nobility (Warkhs), but to be high-minded, fearless, talented.

Once Warkh attained the age of 24, he was offered a special training from the Elders, called “Inner Body Exercises”. If Warkh showed interest and exceptional abilities, he was allowed to get the connection with the Source of Narts. Otherwise, the learner was offered alternative ways of intellectual development.

Count Walevski has a outstanding contemporary follower. His name is Murat Yagan (1915-2013). He used to live in Canada for the past 40 years. He has got thousands of progenies all over the world.

Murat Yagan insisted on the fact that the information about traditions of Chosen he has is over 26 000 years old and that knowledge about Caucasian yoga was brought to Caucasus during the Great Flood.

In accordance with ancient Сherkessian legends and songs, after the Great Flood there were only three remaining areas, where people could survive - Gindukush in Himalyas, Andes in South America and Caucasian mountains. Bible also indicates Caucasus as the homeland of survivors.

Yagan emphasizes that the origin of toponym «Cau-Cas-us» is connected to the ancient Semit root «Caf». Links to mystical Source in Caucasus may be found in Zoorastrizm’s litera-ture and in other ancient religions, which are connected to monotheistic line of Avraam, Moses, Jesus or Mohamed. Moreover, the mountain Caf is mentioned in Islam Sufis works ubiquitously.

The doctrine of chosen is connected to ancient mysteries of Egypt. So does the Narts Epos.

Egypt is country of mythology and miracles, and Teosof’s consider it as the homeland of postatlantis civilization, the place where Tot has brought his wisdom from Atlantis.