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Egyptian Rods and sungazing

The pose of EGYPTIAN MASTER SYSTEM for recharging the
nervous energy (you have to be relaxed and follow to the sun,)

ћнение солнцеедо. ∆езлы ≈гипт¤н.

Sun gazers - are the people who are able to transform Sun energy (and Space) into Life Energy.

Researches of Sun gazers from Canada

Sun gazers often claim or believe Egyptian healing rods were built for sun gazers and are a powerful combination when sun gazing.

ѕрактика солнцеедов

In 2015 Egyptian Healing RODS.RU were investigated by Sun gazers from Canada.

Here are some general comments we received from the sun gazer on using our Egyptian healing rods and sun gazing.

The sun gazer resides in Canada and can do sun gazing anytime during the day. His observations are based on gazing during Sun UV levels from UV0 to UV7. In Canada, the levels rarely go beyond UV7. His average sun gazing sessions are 45 minutes with one or more rods being used during each session of sun gazing.

∆енщина солнцеедка работает с жезлами египт¤н

" ...I have been sun gazing for quite a while so am already used to the elevated frequencies and energy generated by the Sun.

The healing rods definitely amplify the energy levels when sun gazing. The energy boost of the healing rods enhances the energy intensity directly from the Sun. With some of the rods there is a phenomenal energy increase while sun gazing!

The time of day affects the type of energy generated with the healing rods just like the phases of the sun affect sun gazing.

One sun gazer I know found the healing rods enabled her to utilize higher UV levels for longer sessions of sun gazing.

The healing qualities of the rods hit sun gazers faster with more intensity than for people who are not sun gazing. Sun gazers have already built up their ability to handle ever higher energy levels and frequencies so they can adapt and adjust faster than non-sun gazers.

It should be mentioned that sun gazers in general do not suffer from depression so you won't find any comments regarding this ailment. Once a beginner does sun gazing they will find their depression evaporates by the time they are able to do 5 to 7 minute sessions. I've seen a couple of people with severe depression who literally had their lives transformed.

I had some friends who do not sun gaze try out the rods and they definitely noticed some quick healing benefits. However, some of the healing rods were simply too strong and extra care had to be taken.

I would estimate the speed of the health benefits of the healing rods for sun gazers to be more than three times (!) faster, than for people who do not do sun gazing."

‘араон на фоне солнца »зображение фараона на фоне солнца

Effects of different Egyptian Healing Rods on a Sun Gazers

We have taken excerpts of comments from a sun gazer about the effects of our Egyptian healing rods on sun gazers. This information is intended for experienced sun gazers so they will have some sort of basic reference point on the effects of using our healing rods when sun gazing.


" For me, the Rods Kont really slow down the energy flow and feel very "heavy". Quite frankly I just don't get a lot from them and only use occasionally. I suspect the reason for the minimal effect is related to my body magnetics. I'm one of those people who can't wear watches because they just stop working.

However, another sun gazer I know has had spectacular results with the Rods Kont. She had ballistic blood pressure problems for the last 20 years. After 6 days (not a typo) of daily 45 minute sun gazing sessions with the Rods Kont the results literally blew us away. In 6 days her blood pressure dropped into the normal range and the change has remained constant."



" The Rods-Quartz(1) have a very mild effect when sun gazing. Like the Rods-Quartz(1) don't get a lot out of them but it is easy to see why non sun gazers would benefit. For me these rods have a soothing effect but other than that, don't use them very often.

The milder energy levels and soothing effect of these rods is best suited for people who have a weak body overall. These rods would be beneficial to people who are starting to rebuild or repair their body."


" The Rods-Quartz(2) are the same as the Rods-Quartz(1) only a little stronger. In my case I have been doing different meditation techniques for over 40 years so for me the effects are negligible. I don't use them very often but it is easy to see that their effects are conducive to meditation. These rods are great for people wanting to learn how to meditate"


" The Rods-Quartz(3) are one of my favorites. Combine these rods with high UV sun gazing and they pack a punch. I use them regularly to keep the physical body tuned. These rods take on an added dimension when used by a sun gazer. The Rods-Quartz(3) help a sun gazer direct the sun energy flow through their body to specific problem areas.

I found the Rods-Quartz(3) to be great for healing physical injuries. For me, A 45 minute sun gazing session with the Rods-Quartz(3) accelerates the healing process."



" The Rods-Crystal(4) are where the real magic begins for this sun gazer. If you want to pin point energy blockages these rods are fantastic. Pain can be quite intense when using the rods at first. I've found the pain is strongest the first time and then becomes less painfully with every session until the pain disappears.

These rods are great for analyzing the energy blockages in a person. However, it only requires a few minutes for a person who does not sun gaze. These rods have to be treated with respect."


" The Rods-Crystal(5) are my favorite. These rods pack a punch and when combined with sun gazing their healing capabilities are an open road. The "cocoon" effect described on your rods website is quite accurate. Sun gazers automatically accumulate energy which in turn expands the cocoon.

Years ago I met a Buddhist monk who had the ability to alter the temperature around his body. He was used to lower temperatures and no matter how hot it was, he kept the air nice and cool within a ten foot bubble. Because of the increased energy from the 5s I now understand how he was able to create a bubble or cocoon.

The Rods-Crystal(5) strengthen the connection to the infinite. As the cocoon expands so do the senses. Sun gazing at higher UV levels is hard to put into words. With consistent gazing sessions the cocoon continually expands and heightens the senses"

Rods-Star Conciseness (5-5)

" Rods Star Conciseness(5-5) are compliment the Rods Crystal(5) nicely. After a few sessions the best way to describe their effect is a comparison to the Rods Crystal(5) when used in a vertical position. The (5 - 5) have a similar property but with a lot more strength. The (5-5) are a door to the big picture."

Trinity Rods

" Trinity Rods female(6) and male(7) are extremely powerful and must be handled with care. I use these rods one right after the other for short periods of time. Only use them once in a while to fine tune my balance. These are the only rods where I have trouble handling the prolonged energy surge. These rods really enhance the feeling of being centered.

Be cautious when using these rods for the first time. For sun gazers it is surprising how little time it takes to balance. I found people who do not sun gaze should only use these rods for a few minutes and then increase the time on a gradual basis. These rods rely on intuition or gut instinct to know when the rods have accomplished their purpose."

The Pharaoh and the Sun The picture Pharaoh and the Sun

"When concentrating, meditating, receiving or sending energy- Master always faced direction in which Sun is situated at given moment. East at the morning, South at noon, West at sunset and North at midnight."

"from Count Walewski manuscript"

Disclaimer on Sun Gazing:

This information is observations on the physical, mental and metaphysical effects of Egyptian healing rods when combined with Sun Gazing. There is no way readers should even attempt or consider duplicating the observation conditions described in this section of Sun Gazing. SHOULD THE READER HAVE ANY DOUBT WHATS OVER ABOUT SUN GAZING, THEN THEY SHOULD IGNORE THIS SECTION AND MOVE ON.