What can be achieved with the help of the Rods

It is proved, that by using The Rods is possible to:

As a result of their influence one can be cured of diseases, which impossible to cure using traditional methods, as deep mechanisms, stimulating not the particular organ but the organism as a whole, are involved.

The Rods and the Pyramid are the single and inseparable entity. They represent the technology of the XXI century only being together. And this technology will allow us to improve our mental and physical abilities greatly. The Egyptian Rods are obviously exposed in the Pyramid. When regular exercises of auto-training and self-development with the help of the Rods, the energy and blood flows improve within a whole body, mind becomes clearer, psychic becomes more balanced. Besides, thicker energetic biofield, that prevents the negative energy information from penetrating, is created around the body, protective functions of the organism improve, body becomes stronger and diseases are cured.

The energy of the organism, being supplied by the Cosmic energies, begins circulating through the channels more intensively.

These flows favour the channels' purification and curing of diseases.

When all of the diseases are removed, and the exercises are not stopped, some hidden functions will be discovered together with a preventing effect. E.g., vision, hearing, sense of smell, general sensitivity, intuition will be improved. Such super abilities, as telepathy, clairvoyance, connection with different information channels may be displayed, being supplied by subtler energies.