Rods Kont holds a special place in manuscript of Kont Walewski. If you want keep the body young, healthy and strong- You need Rods-Kont.

Before us more then 100 years ago the Kont (Count) Walewski's Rods were made and investigated in America. We have these Rods and their research material dating from 1914 to 1964. These are VITIC RODS 1912

Vitc Rods KONT

In the beginning of 20th century the English scientist, A. E. Baines stated in a paper entitled "The Origin and Problems of Life" that

«There are at least three things that mitigate against a continuance of the vigourous life for prolonged periods.
One is physical deterioration;
the other is a gradual failure of generation of nerve force;
and the third a falling off in the production of certain glands that part lies the body and brain.
""First of all, we require a means of generating NERVE FORCE in order to be able to supply it. For years we have heard of a new force called "Odic" and "Psychic" by Sergeant Fox and Sir William Crooks, respectively.
It has been associated in the minds of most people with the occult, probably because no one has yet been able to demonstrate satisfactorily its nature, its value to humanity, or even to evolve it.
The ancient Egyptians could, there is reason to believe, do so and, but for the burning of these library in Alexandria, might have been disclosed before the Christian era. My knowledge of this new force which I have called "Vitic", came about in a curious way.
Years of residence in Egypt had created an interest in Egyptology, an interest which, upon my returning to England, drew me not infrequently to the galleries of the British Museum.
When, therefore, I noticed that a statue of one of the priests were shown holding a cylinder in one hand, my curiosity was aroused and I determined upon an investigation.
That the reigning Pharaoh was similarly equipped merely suggested that reasonable concession on the part of priesthood, and in no way negated the supposition that the cylinders or short rods had some purpose or function of an important nature of which they were symbolical in the statutory.
The most prominent statue, a painted limestone portrait, dates back to about 3700 BC, and as a royal personage named An-Kheft-Ka, who is shown holding a rod in each hand, much in the same manner that a runner holds a baton.
In my belief, as I have said, these rods were symbolic; but of what? Surely not of power; for that on the part of priestly communities would have been to court disaster at the hands of a jealous and incensed Pharaoh.
What was the keynote of ancient Egyptian character? Sensuality, perhaps; virility in greater probability; for the sensuality would not so freely advertise itself. That was the conclusion to which I finally came.
Diligent enquiry of the authorities at the Museum elicited the astonishing fact that nothing was known of the purpose or meaning of the rods. They had no information whatsoever."

In the beginning of 20th century Doctor Baines(!) makes a hypothesis that it was Rods with carbon filler and that they were working to recovery the balance of Nerve Energy!

The energy, which is, according to Baines, required for long, healthy life full of energy. This knowledge has appeared in noosphere again, when we started to investigate Rods's subject using manuscript of Kont Walewski in the end of last century. This mechanism was started, and the knowledge should have came to people.

In 1994 our Company produced the first set of the Rods.We called them the Cylinders of Pharaoh. This Rods are with a carbon-magnetite filler.

And the first researches from Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute have supported Bernes' hypothesis and statements of Kont Walewski manuscript that

these Rods were used in Ancient Egypt for "recovery of nervous energy» and return of vitic power, and they gave «full energy recovery in 5 minutes".

Rods Kont, Egyptian Healing Rods

From the medical conclusion:

Daily work with the Rods has a beneficial effect in cases of:

  • over-agitation and nervous disorders;
  • vegeto-vascular disorders;
  • normalize the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses;
  • chronic fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

Rods Kont are recommended for removing stress, spastic phenomena, nervous tics and obsessive-compulsive movements.

The Rods-KONT will always promote a deeper sleep, having a positive effect on the nervous system, removing insomnia.

But when magnet was putting in one of the Rods - ANCIENT MAGNETOTHERAPY DEVICE was created!

And again recommendations of modern physicians prove it!

From the medical conclusion :

  • each pain in the joints in cases of arthritis and gout
  • of fractures, for the faster reabilitation.

During the work with Rods-Kont fractures start to coalesce faster, and users of Rods-Kont have confirmed it repeatedly. Beneficial impact on the joints are classical indication of magnetotheraphy.

  • problems with arterial pressure;
  • improve circulatory processes, with a beneficial effect on blood vessels;

Under the influence of the magnetic field blood circulation, oxygen partial pressure, saturation, and its disposal are improved. Regarding the researches Rods Kont normalize the blood pressure. The Rods-KONT, filled with coal and ferromagnetic fillings, lower the blood pressure.Those suffering from low blood pressure should be careful when using this type of Rods coupled with low atmospheric pressure.On the other hand, for those with high blood-pressure, the Rods-KONT may be an invaluable aid.

Here it is important to understand that they lower the pressure to the level defined by the genetics of the organism itself. Thus, thinking about the current blood pressure, you ought not to consult only with the scale of a measuring device.Some devices may show the current level of the blood pressure much lower, than some conventional standard. But if a person has had the low blood pressure (according the data, given by measuring device) since his very childhood, that means, that perhaps his organism has adapted to it, and the current blood pressure has become usual for the person.

The same words can be said about those, having high blood pressure (according to the scale). E.g., if you have had low blood pressure for all your life, but it grows higher during overfalls, that means that your blood pressure is susceptible to high, but not to low. In such a case you should start to use the cylinders with the rods of coal and ferromagnetic material (Rods-KONT).

Those people suffering from diabetes should note that during the use of the Rods-KONT sudden changes of the lactose level (about 2 or 3 units) can occur. Especially people suspectible to lactose coma, and elderly people must take this fact into consideration. As the work with the Rods continues, it is going to promote stabilization of the lactose level.

Rods-KONT harmonize the energo-information field of a person and create a protective cocoon.The duration of the Rod’s influence can last for 1-1/2 to 2 days.

From studies Haritonova Nadezhda Mikhailovna
osteopathic physician of the highest category, Clinic of N.I. Pirogov (St. Petersburg).

Харитонова Надежда Михайловна

«I am using Magnetite Rods (Rods Kont) for more than 20 years. I have been analyzing its effect on myself and on my patients. Today I can confidently recommend them to my patients."

N.M. Haritonova's conclusions on Rods Kont:

  1. Rods Kont active affect the fluid in our body Rods Kont, such as-blood, lymph, tissue and cerebrospinal fluid.
  2. Rods Kont affect the solid organs of our body heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys, liver and pericardium - their main function is the accumulation and storage of energy reserves, plus the accommodation of decay products.
  3. From the side of osteopathy:
    1. the transition from one tissue level to another occurs through the biofield; its violent reaction is noted.
    2. a spiral movement is often observed in the tissues, which is a therapeutic effect of working with the Rods KONT.
  4. If a person fell asleep with Rods Kont in his hands, then there is no need to be afraid of an overdose, "to overexpose" the Rods. Rods Kont "disconnect" themselves after the work done.

The Rods-KONT work with your Nerve force, with “vitic force". This is the most vital kind of rods that someone can use.

George Agelidis from Greece (the bioenergetic healer, has a degree on Electronics, third degree on Reiki plus in another form of pranic healing from India that is named Shamasti Prana) say about Rods-KONT:

“As you already know, I am also into energy cultivation and I have experimented with many spiritual devices. Rods Kont is my best for keeping the body young, healthy and strong. I always use the rods Kont before mediation and qigong and I also use them just by themselves during the day, whenever I need to re charge my nervous system with fresh energy.

Rods Kont act as Orgone accumulators drawing energy in the body from carbon rod's molecular structure. The energy that they draw feel fiery in nature and is the same type of energy that can be felt inside a pyramid. Very vitalizing. In addition to Rods Kont acting as Life Force accumulator, they have the greatest ability of all the type of rods to activate the neural energy's storing mechanisms of the body and to increase spinal voltage. They move chi in the meridians; unblocking them if there are hindered and as you increase the time and duration of rods Kont usage they "widen" the meridians' capacity of carrying-conducting energy.”

If you want to prolong active life, to be restored quickly after stresses, to forget about chronic fatigue and mental stress, to activate functional systems your organism to an optimum level when it is able to win against the illnesses - Rods Kont are your right choice.