Research of the pyramids

Recent researches have shown that in an area with a concentration of pyramids seismic activity diminishes. More precisely, instead of one powerful earthquake there are hundreds of tiny ones.


In the atmosphere above the pyramids the state of the ozone layer improves. Burials of radioactive waste incorporating pyramids lose their deadly properties. Agricultural seeds treated in the pyramid show a 30% to 70% increase in yield. Diamonds synthesised from graphite that has lain for a week in a pyramid turn out purer and harder than usual, and more perfect in shape. Water that has been in the pyramids retains its properties for years.

A week after a complex of pyramids was installed at the Ishimbai oil-field in Bashkiria (South Russia) the state of the strata changed. The oil became lighter (less viscous) and a number of its physical and chemical properties altered. The yield of the oil-wells increased accordingly.

The desire naturally appeared to test the effect of the pyramids in the sphere of medicine. The influence of a pyramid on preparations and living organisms raised the immune status and regenerated tissues.


НИИ Вакцин им. Мечникова
Dr N.B. Yegorova (Mechnikov Vaccine Research Institute)

"My colleagues and I carried out research to study changes in the general reactivity of the organism on exposure in pyramids. The most informative models were chosen for these models, one of them involving the use of a typhus specific to mice, caused by a bacterium called salmonella typhi murium. All the experiments were carried out on several groups of mice that were placed in pyramids for various lengths of time and various numbers of times. The control group consisted of mice that were not placed in the pyramids. At various lengths of time after exposure in the pyramids, the mice were infected with salmonella typhi murium and their survival rate was recorded over the course of a month.

It should be said that infection with salmonella typhi murium is a very serious disease in mice and a handful of cells is practically enough to cause death. By the twenty-fifth day of observation practically all the control animals had died. Among the groups exposed in the pyramids 35-40% survived. There can be no doubt that this was connected with the time spent in the pyramid. There was no other reason; the more so, since this was not one but several groups of mice. Factors of the natural resistance of the organism are undoubtedly at play here. It may be changes is cellular immunity and humoral immunity. The investigation of those factors requires very careful and serious research which we were not able to carry out.

We were very surprised by the result we obtained, because to get a 40% survival rate in mice infected with a fatal dose of salmonella typhi murium is very difficult. It is important to stress that the mice were not given any chemical substances or medication; there were no factors that might act perhaps in one way, perhaps in another. And so we have established that the pyramid itself affects the living organism. Now we need too study the mechanism by which it does so."

More details...

1. Next results were achieved in the institute of theoretical and applied biophysics of Russian Academy of Science (PhD E. Maevsky, PhD A.Kulikov, PhD Ju. Koristov):

The researches of the influence of solutions from a Pyramid on animals in a stress situation showed, that this influence resulted in strongly pronounced tranquil effect. Using the effect of Pyramids' form made it possible to optimise the immune state of an organism, preventing it form going down as it would have taken place in a growing old one.

The researches of the influence of informational matrixes (4 blocks of crystal plaster with the weight of 1 gram), produced in a Pyramid, on animals (mice) in a stress situation showed significant reduction of animals' aggressiveness in addition to the results, already received.

2. "Gidrometpribor" company (CEO A. Golod):

After keeping the seeds of different cereals in a Pyramid they were drilled over wide agricultural territories. The researches showed harvest increasing up to 20-100 percent (depending on crop). Besides vermin and drought much less influenced the plants.

A Pyramid was installed on the territory of an oil-field. In a few days the viscosity of oil decreased up to 30 percent, thus oil-rigs' output increased.

Some prisons were surrounded by the stones, processed in a Pyramid. Convicts of these prisons (about 6000 men) used salt, processed in a Pyramid, in their food. As a result of these 11-month experiments death-rate became 3,5 times less as it had been before, heinous crimes ceased to take place and the quantity of infringement incidents also decreased in times. A tranquil effect was noticed as well.

To strengthen the efficiency of the Rods, all the components used in production of the Rods, are processed in a Pyramid that possesses a strong structural field for inter-atomic distances' correction. The components are kept in the Pyramid for not less than a 12 day cycle.