Egyptian Rods and pyramid

"…The effect of the Pyramid on a field structure of any object, regardless of whether it is mineral, solution, organic substance or living creature, causes serious changes within this structure. Such structures seem to be put in order, to become more optimal and harmonic. The power and durability of the structures, ordered in such a way, increase greatly, if all their newly-gained components are in resonance with the Pyramid."

A. Golod - creator of Pyramids in Russia.

The Rods and the Pyramid, therefore, are a single and inseparable entity. Through this synergy they represent a powerful energy technology. This technology will allow us to greatly improve our mental and physical abilities.

Египетская пирамида

The pyramid is:

Being resonators, the Pyramids also appear to be peculiar antennas or systems, that transfer the energy from one dimension into another. The Pyramid, being an antenna and a resonator at the same time, is also a retransmitter of particular energetic flows, connected with some processes, taking place in the Space. These Rods together with the pyramid and appropriate preparation allowed the Pharaohs and Priests to contact the Noosphere, and were used for "Communication with the Gods".

The time has come for the pyramids tell us their secrets! Our compatriot Alexander Golod (, the creator of the pyramids in Russia, has contributed heavily to help us better understand those secrets. Recent research has shown that in an area with a concentration of pyramids, seismic activity diminishes. More precisely, instead of one powerful earthquake there are hundreds of tiny ones. Also, in the atmosphere above the pyramids the state of the ozone layer improves.

Additional findings indicate that burial of radioactive waste in pyramids lose their deadly properties. Agricultural seeds treated in the pyramid show a 30% to 70% increase in yield. Diamonds synthesised from graphite that has lain for a week in a pyramid turn out purer and harder than usual, and more perfect in shape. Water that has been in the pyramids retains its properties for years.

Египетские пирамиды

A week after a complex of pyramids was installed at the Ishimbai oil field in Bashkiria (South Russia) the state of the strata changed. The oil became lighter (less viscous) and a number of its physical a nd chemical properties altered. The yield of the oil wells increased. Many researchers wanted to test the effect of the pyramids in the field of medicine. The pyramid will influence medicinal preparations and living organisms experienced increased immune status and regenerated tissues.

What follows is an account of several experiments carried out by doctors and physicists in the pyramid constructed by Alexander Golod.

тайны пирамид

To strengthen the efficiency of the Rods, all the components used in production of the Rods, are processed in a Pyramid that possesses a strong structural field for inter-atomic distances' correction. The components are kept in the Pyramid for not less than a 12 day cycle. The crystalline lattice of the Rods' components and their metallic case changes its properties under the Pyramid's influence, becoming more correct, and defectless. Thus its properties of resonator improve.

We should call your attention to the fact, that a man, holding the Rods, is also influenced by the Pyramid, but this influence is indirect, and realizes through the water, atmospheric electricity and the Rods themselves, as they are connected with the pyramids by resonance interaction.

The Rods, which were used by priests and pharaohs, and the Pyramids itself were created according to the proportions of "The Golden Section". And it was this way of creation that ensured the intertuning of objects one to another. It is necessary to stress, that the entire physical and energetic structures of a human body obey the law of "The Golden Section".

Pyramids and Rods The Rods and the pyramid

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