Whom can be the Rods useful for

As a result of the rods influence on a human organism, the general energetic level increases. The bio-energy redistributes itself between the organs and systems more harmonically, and pathological misbalance is removed. Protective functions are activated and the organism is shifted to a state where it is much easier for it to cope with any problems. Thus, the people suffering from different diseases can consider the Rods as their powerful helper in their struggle for health. Besides, the Rods help with insomnia, headaches, hypertension, stresses, and thus may help avoid using chemical remedies.

People of intensive physical or intellectual labour (doctors, teachers, police, businessmen, social workers, students, sportsmen, etc.) often get rather tired by the end of the day and need some additional remedies for a rest and restoration. Here the Rods are really indispensable. The Rods can also be recommended for the people with transcontinental syndrome, whose business is connected with often flights from one time zone to another (pilots, sportsmen, tourists, long-distance drivers, etc.), when asynchronous modes of internal and external organism work cause headache and weakness. Artists note the improving of their creative abilities as a result of the Rods' influence.

Some families experience the problems of misunderstanding and disharmony in interrelations, living in such a complicated modern world. One reason for misunderstanding is the difference between the energy levels of the partners. A pair way of using the Rods allows them to equal their energy levels and find understanding, that, in its turn, allows the existing problems to be solved in a constructive way

It is really hard to overestimate the usefulness of the Rods for those, practicing self-development, purification of the organism, medicinal fasting, winter-swimming, healing, Tsigun, Yoga, inner styles of orient single combats. Using of the Rods improves the effect of such practices greatly and allows to become a success in much shorter time.

The Rods are recommended for people, who anticipate additional stress. By using the Rods, the organism's resistance greatly improves.