Application instructions Rods

Rods with the correct filling have an astonishing quality - they attune themselves to a person. They adjust to the rhythm that the organism needs at a particular time of the day or night. The Rods can be used morning, noon, or night - whenever you like. They tune into the organism, to the energy channel that is open, and work with it.

The optimum time for applying the Rods for the majority of people is:

ConditionApplication TimeRecommendations and explanations
1Stresses Any time.If your nervous system is sharpened, the first reaction on the Rods' influence will be sleepiness. You should not try to suppress the feeling. All businesses ought to be postponed and you need to have some rest. It will not take much time, but upon awakening, you will feel the burst of energy.
2InsomniaFrom 7 till 9 p.m.-
3Hypertension and heart pains, connected with it.From 11 a.m. till 1 p.m.
and from 7 till 11 p.m.
When working with heart pain the Rods are more effective in the evening
4Heart ischemiaFrom 11 p.m. till 1 a.m.-
5Bronchial asthmaFrom 9 till 11 p.m.-
6HypotoniaFrom 9 till 11 a.m.-
7  For tone support and in critical days as a result of magnetic storms e.t.c.

Initially you should use Rods with two types of fillings. This is due to the general unpreparedness and unsatisfactory state of the energy system in the majority of people. This energy depletion is reflected in the common illnesses that affect us. Therefore in the initial, preparatory phase we suggest both the Rods with a filling of carbon (bituminous coal) and ferro-magnetic material (Rods - KONT) and the others with a quartz filling (Rods-QUARTZ) be used for treatment.

The Rods-KONT.The Rods-QUARTZ.
I Heart pain in cases of stenocardia (pain radiating to the shoulder and upper arm, numbness and heaviness in the arms, pain under the left shoulder-blade) Heart pain.Ischemic heart disease (breathlessness and a pounding heart on exertion)
II Hypertension (high blood-pressure):
High blood-pressure
Pains in the area of the eyes
Ringing in the ears
Hypotonia (low blood-pressure):
1. Exhaustion, fatigue
2. Dizziness
III Allergy, bronchial asthma (of an allergical character)
IVStresses, insomniaNervous tension, stresses

Rods KONT are equally effective for:

Researches, carried out by the International Shaping Federation, proved the following data:

Type of the RodsIncreasing of bio-field up to 10 meters (Time limits for working with the Rods, min.)Yin-Yan Balance
(Time limits for working with the Rods, min)
Complete "chakras" opening
(Time limits for working with the Rods, min)
The Rods-KONT353035
The Rods-QUARTZ*502045
The Rods-QUARTZ**351535
The Rods-QUARTZ***301530
The Rods-CRYSTAL201020
The Rods-CRYSTAL*15 нет 15