Rods Crystal

жезлы кристалл

In Ancient Egypt the filings of the rods were the quartz crystals of different sizes. Those sizes depended on aim, necessary to achieve, health and energetic system of a person, worked with the Rods. At first fine-grained quartz was used. This Rods affect positively on person's energetic streams by activating them. After that the middle- and coarse-grained quartz was used to achieve higher level of abilities. This type of The Rods is called QUARTZ.

Next kind of The Rods contained Rock mono-crystals. It was made for Priests-masters of healing. A powerful energetic shield around a man, created by these cylinders, could influence on a patient, harmonizing his energetic streams, being an executor and transmitter of the signal from master's mind at the same time. This type of the cylinders was named The Rods-CRYSTAL.

The Rods-QUARTZ and Rods-CRYSTAL promote health, effecting an increase in energy. But we also see The Rods-QUARTZ and Rods-CRYSTAL as mental technology as used by Ancient Egyptian Priests. The Priests used Rods during a 22-year training for " joining to the future." Briefly, it is recorded that the Priest held the The Rods-QUARTZ and Rods-CRYSTAL for 5 minutes and more, until one o'clock. And at this precise moment he "constructed the future" through a process of visualization.

The liberation of mental energy is a most important process when working with Rods. This MENTAL ENERGY acts on sensory channels. This allows the person to not only feel his/her desire, but also to actually enjoy an odor, vision and sound of the desired FUTURE. The images appear in all diversity of colors and are retained by consciousness as long as this desire pleasant to person. This amplification of energy and desire helps to manifest the desired future.

You may experience a mild pricking sensation and an exotic feeling of "expansion" in the field of possibilities when first working with the Rods. In some there is sensation of "pulsating" fontanel as the energy grows in the 6th and 7th chakras. The Egyptian Rods are the amplifier of mental energy, which one allows making the future a reality

Today we have the next kinds of the Rods Crystal:

Rods Crystal(4)

The Rods-CRYSTAL(4) can be used with practical results by a highly qualified specialist of bio-energy.

The Rods-CRYSTAL(4) have a more powerful impulse-based stimulating effect on a person’s energy structure than Rods Kont or Rods Quartz.

If The Rods-CRYSTAL(4) is used by people with a weak energy or vascular system, it may induce a pain syndrome in a problem area.

This is due to the increased intensity with which energy moves along the channels. If some energy canals are “closed” the necessary conductivity, then the sensation of inflation or pressure that arises at the site of a problem may develop into pain.

In interacting with a person’s aura, The Rods-CRYSTAL(4) begin act user’s organism, after which the energy system itself begins to work on the pathology in the organism. It is for this reason that many users of the Rods-CRYSTAL(4) have noticed the appearance of sensations of vibrations or pulsation in problem zones.

Even the brief influence of the Rods-CRYSTAL(4) on the human psycho-physical and energy field stimulates concentration on internal images, intensifying the meditative effect. Whereas You'll need months of training to attain the necessary levels, when the Rods-Crystal are reduced training times, and the effect obtained significantly exceeds those that can be attained by ordinary means.


The Rods-CRYSTAL(8) are very good for group work under a supervision of a specialist. When using the Rods-CRYSTAL(8) for work in groups it is recommended to form a chain (Man-Woman), holding each other’s hands. A man should be the first in this chain, holding a copper Rod in his right hand. A woman should end the chain, holding a zinc Rod in her left hand.

Rods Crystal(5) or Rods Star

Rods Crystal(5) or Rods Star for healers

Due to the structure of the Crystal placed in the Rods Crystal(5), their effect on the electromagnetic and energy field of the human organism stimulates the organism to produce an energy cocoon of a special type of energy around the body. This energy submits well to thought control, restores energy balance. Possessors of such energy cocoon can take a sick person into their energy field and act upon the disorder in the patient’s body by the power of thought, by imagining what should take place in the diseased organ.

Rods Ru

The Rods-CRYSTAL are activating the pineal gland. In Chile live the well known journalist and writer Fresia Castro. She had developed a very interesting work on the activation of the pineal gland .Nowadays she is devoted to give seminars in several parts of the world on her technique, the one which was learned more than for 20 years behind in a process of very intense spiritual transformation. She has written a book about this technique. When Fresia Castro worked with Rods- CRYSTAL she find that this Rods are nice as activator pineal gland too.

The Rods-CRYSTAL are the tool for expanding consciousness. Using Rods-CRYSTAL supports the concentration of thought necessary to change the internal reality of the person. You can change your consciousness and thus change your world using Rods-CRYSTAL.

Rods Star Сonsciousness(5-5)

The Rods-Star Сonsciousness(5-5) - on special order only.