In the second part of IX Small Arcan of the Kont Walewski Manuscript also provides information on the restoration of nervous energy with the help of VITIC Rods.

But the problem is - only person, who has the knowledge of Alchemy and Alternative Medicine in Ancient Egypt can to interpret it.

Жезлы Древних Египтян

Our Greek colleague GEORGE ANGELIDIS helped us with this information. GEORGE ANGELIDIS is a graduate in electronics. He engaged in bioenergy (pranic healing). He is the Reiki Specialist and various forms of Pranic Healing of India (Shamasti Prana)

George Angelidis contacted with Alchemy Greece specialists and did deep and complete analysis of the second part of IX ARCAN of manuscript by Count Walewski in parallel with the works of Borderland Sciences Foundation.

Our Company RODS.RU thanks George Angelidis and his colleague’s for their work and for the material placed on the basis of the Trinity Rods in 2009.

In 2009 our Company were produced and investigated these Rods.

We have two types of Trinity Rods: Male(7) and Female(6).

Tests conducted by the Laboratory of High Technology №7 of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation in Samara gave the next results:

For male (7):

    Trinity Rods(7) male
  1. Stimulation of higher centers
  2. Awakening of the throat center
  3. Alignment of hormonal stagnation of male hormones
  4. Transformation of personality into the soul and spirit to the highest value.
  5. Circulation of energy based on the principle of apple through the central channel from the top down. Coming from the bottom up the outer layer of the aura and re-enters the channel Suschumna through the head center.
  6. Dark-blue energy runs in effect (Indigo).

For Female (6):

    Trinity Rods (6) female
  1. Aligns the mind.
  2. Aligns the left margin of the head and affects the cerebellum
  3. Disclosure is anahata
  4. Stimulates enedokrinnuyu system to produce the female hormones
  5. Energy moves as the male only the bottom up.
  6. There appears an energy power in the hands to transmit healing power.
  7. Usilivaetsya feminine aspect
  8. Is the impact on the heart and blood.
  9. The energy of the yellow-red

The director of laboratory Vladimir Derevianko says:

"... First of all, when I raised the copper rod from the male series to my ajna I feel something diametrically opposite what I felt from the first Rods (Kont and CRYSTAL). I immediately thought that Rods (or rather something that fills them) were in the right time in a Pyramid or it is some kind of miracle! In short; vibrations of new Rods now are many times greater than Rods’ vibration that you send first (Rods-Kont and Rods-CRYSTAL). Why did it happen- it is on your conscience.
Frankly speaking, after the experience with the first Rods I thought that with these new Rods I will work only after "charging". But I was very surprised that I could try them at once. I will tell directly, this new Rods are very strong!"

Studies of TRINITY Rods were also made by healers Lebedeva Natalia Ivanovna and Lebedev Sergey Aleksandrovich from Tver.
This results correlate and confirm the researches of High Technology № of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation in Samara.

Before After
Жезлы Древних Египтян Жезлы Древних Египтян


  • work 4 charkas (heart) has amplified (п.4-5 )
  • energy level has increased (п.6)
  • indigo energy has begun to be started (п.7)
Жезлы Древних Египтян Жезлы Древних Египтян

2.Male (7)

  • alignment hormonal problem(п.3)
  • transformation of the person to Soul (п.4)
  • Indigo start (п.6-7)
Жезлы Древних Египтян Жезлы Древних Египтян

3.Male (7)

  • stimulate the higher centers (п.1)
  • awakening of the throat center (п.2)
  • transformation of the person to Soul (п.4)
  • balancing of charkas (п.5)
  • energy level (п.6)
  • Indigo start (п.7)

There is only one difference with researches of the Samara laboratory:
Female Trinity Rods, also, as Male Trinity Rods start indigo color.

Trinity Rods studies by the International Federation of Shaping also.
According them this kind of Rods can be called as Rods-Balance. They give the balance of Yin-Yang after 9-12 minutes of use!

And do it not at the expense of energy storage (as the Rods-KONT or Rods-CRYSTAL), by different principle.

In the center of the brain there is an area called "The Cave of Bramha" (known also as the heart of the brain) by Sanskrit texts, which refer to this area as the seat of resonance with the SOURCE Ocean of cosmic vibrations. Close to this area is manufactured the cerebro-spinal fluid in which floats the whole brain and spinal nerves. The chemical pH of this fluid determines the resonance.

Trinity Rods has the ability to balance the pH of that fluid. This brings forth a feeling of greater well being and more centeredness. The Trinity Rods releases and erases the negative memory programming stored in the cells of the body as uncompleted emotional trauma. It aids in bringing that trauma painlessly into fruition, as completed perception floats into the Mind's eye dissolving all previous resistance.

An interesting case of using TRINITY Rods in Italy confirms it

Dear Svetlana,
I write this email to testimony two experiences we had from a customer who bought Trinity rods. He is a therapist from Turin. He gave the rods in the hands of his patient that was suffering from glaucoma in the eyes, and soon she had a heavenly vision: an ancient Egyptian "priest" said to her "Those rods are very powerful. I know the person who gave it to you. So why you called me? What do you want from me?" So the patient said to this "vision" that she wanted her eyes healed. So the therapist said that the lady immediately regained his sight and now, 10 days later, she can see absolutely clear without glasses. She got completely healed!
I also personally use the Trinity for me, and I must say that my work has improved remote viewing abilities. I find them absolutely special. Thank you so much for them!
Andrea and Loredana