Basic Rules:

  1. The Sun (copper) Rod must be held in the right hand, and the Moon (zinc) Rod - in the left hand;
  2. Face the Sun when working with the Rods;
  3. During the session with Rods, all other metals such as (jewelry, watches, zippers and belts) should be removed, not contact with person’s body.

The basic (individual) way of using the Rods:

  1. Squeeze the Rods in your hands tightly (approximately 1 minute, then hold easily), straighten the arms along the body, face the Sun, advance the right leg a half-step;
  2. You may sit or stand, when working with the Rods;
  3. Stay in this pose not more than 9-18 minutes. It is necessary to work with Rods in small doses. Be careful not to overdose using Rods.
  4. Forget all your thoughts or concentrate them on the Sun, which gives light and life to every living creature. Smile with happiness, relax your muscles, lower the shoul-ders, relax facial muscles, and keep the smile inside yourself.

Can change Rods by places in hands - Moon Rod in the right hand and Sun Rod in the left hand?

а) Yes. If wakefulness and tension result from use Sun Rod in the right hand and Moon Rod in the left hand – try switching hands. Perhaps some people have a re-served polarity and respond differently.We have such cases with people from Chili and USA.

b) You can change place Rods-KONT in Your hands, but we don’t recommend such position to the elderly people, people with weak vascular systems, those who have recently suffered a stroke or cardiac infarction. There is the large load on heart.

A way of using the Rods:

This method is used for restoration of mutual understanding, harmonization of relationship energies and strengthening family ties. Follow the basic guidelines above and then share one set of Rods by joining hands and holding the Rods in the free hands. The female should take the Sun Rod in the right hand; the male should take the Moon Rod in the left hand.

For maximum effect, we recommend working according to the instructions, written in a manuscript by Kont (Count) Walewski.

Working with rods is more effective including breathing of master Zarathustra of Caucasian yoga with visualization of colour.

Some factors, improving the efficiency of the Rods' influence: