Rods and Sports

Жезлы в спорте

In 2019, Evgeny Beletsky, a civil engineer from Moscow, became interested in the connection of the Rods and Sports. vgeny is a longtime and active user of the Rods. He understands the principles of its work and has developed his own method of using the Rods Crystal (5-5). Our Company is grateful to him for his significant contribution to the systematization of knowledge on the topic of Rods. We are inviting you to get acquainted with the section Rods and Sports, which is moderated by Evgeny Beletsky.

One of the areas of application of the Rods is to increase the endurance of the athlete's body during physical exercises. The effect of Rods allows to significantly magnify the benefits of the training and improve athletic performance in general. Besides that, there is also the elimination of "moral fatigue" from prolonged physical activity, i.e. battery effect.

The Rods can be used as an exercise trainer for running or walking. By activating the metabolism in the body, it allows to amplify the physical effort in the body, and get the greatest increase in muscle mass. Jogging with Rods is easier, and it is possible to run a much greater distance with the same effort. Thus, the Rods can be considered as a tool that has a "stimulating" effect on the athlete's body and can serve as a means of achieving winning performance.

Использование Жезлов во время бега

Note: given the possibility of causing harm to the body by super-high loads during training, it is recommended to conduct the first workouts under the supervision of a doctor. It is recommended to monitor the blood pressure level.

The achievements of the running enthusiasts Sergey are described in his interview attached below.
He managed to increase his maximum running distance in 6 months by 6 times (from 4km to 25km)!
Sergey says that "Rods are a dope for an athlete without prohibited methods and drugs!"

Interview with the Rods's user - Sergey from Rostov-on-Don. Sports running with Egyptian Healing Rods RU.