Egyptian healieng rods influence

The Bio-physicians view

The existence of potential difference between the Rods "transfers" the organism to another, "higher", energetic state, that activates such restorative processes as harmonization of the whole organism much deeper and makes them proceed faster. This effect is obtained by a the presence of weak physical fields created by the fillings of the cylinders that have a therapeutic effect on the organism through the bio-active points of palms.

The view of physicians

“…When warming the Rods, filled with special fillings, in one’s hands, there will appear thermal electricity. The flowing of current will be accompanied by phase transitions, followed by absorption or apportionment of high frequency energy of specific configuration. A character of radiation depends not only on composition of a Rods’ case and peculiarity of a filling, but also on electrical and magnetic fields in an environment and on aura’s field structure of a person, who uses the Rods. But this is the radiation, that can affect a person’s condition and functional processes within his organism. Now we possess a great deal of experimental information, proving a positive influence on a human organism of a particularly structured radiation that appears in such a non-uniform environment with specific structure of the filling… And now we can only be amazed by the knowledge of Ancient Egypt.”

Prof. A. Smirnov, a physician.

Professor Dulnev of the Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics, who, like the doctors, studied the effect of the Rods using special apparatus, ascertained an increase in flows of heat from the surface of the skin. This fact points to the operation of extremely subtle types (flows) of energy unknown to us. It is these that the Rods read, entering into resonance with them. The Rods can be considered as a kind of, so-called, spinor generators.

According to an existing theory, natural spinor fields, that are possessed by every material object of organic and inorganic nature, can be hardly discovered because of their rather small size, but can be strengthened by objects in the shape of pyramids, cones or cylinders. The Rods themselves can be considered as the active spinor generators, because the interaction of the Moon and the Sun Rods and their mineral fillings with a human organism creates the spinor fields of great tension.

The scientists of the Material Research Institute of Ukraine have come to a following conclusion, as a result of the researches of different spinor generators. A range of abilities and possibilities, showed by mediums, can be naturally explained with the help of the Spinor Fields Theory. However, some of those abilities, and even something beyond them can be achieved with the help of spinor fields’ generators. With these generators one may actively affect the organic objects at a cellular level, and the regulating systems of the whole organism of a human or animal.”

/”Spinor Fields of Far Action. Physical Models”, Kiev, 1989/

The views of doctors

цилиндры фараона

Dr M.A. Nikulin, a senior research worker at the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute in St Petersburg, concluded the following after some medical investigations of the Egyptian’s Rods influence effect on the human organism were carried out: "When any pathologies within a human body are detected we observe a thermal asymmetry between the ill and healthy parts of the body. Held in hands, the Rods equalize this thermal asymmetry, thus showing their therapeutic effect."

Carrying out research on the Rods by The International Shaping Federation, professor E. Zimin of Shaping College provides the following conclusion: “The investigation of different types of the Rods did show, that the Rods, when contacting the human hands, causes a flow of high frequency energy, affecting a person’s bio-field. As a result of this influence, a bio-field purification from foreign field inclusions takes place, as well as purification of energy channels. The efficiency of chakras’ functioning, size of the person’s bio-field and energy of human’s physical body increase also.

Some interesting results were obtained in the investigations carried out by Dr M.A. Blank, a leading specialist of the Central Scientific Research Institute for Roentgenology and Radiology at the Oncological Center in Pesochny outside St Petersburg. Dr Blank made the following comment: "There is a parameter that characterizes the functioning of cells - the respiratory waves of cells. Oncological condition of the organism suppresses those respiratory waves, but the Rods, on the contrary, improve that parameter. But cancer is an extremely serious "citadel"; you won't seize it with such gentle means. Perhaps, it is worth using like a preventive measure, but this conclusion requires additional research. One thing is clear: where cancer makes things bad, the Rods try to make them a little better."

A polish bio-energetic therapeutist Marek Stavisky, who has a great experience working with cancer diseased people, investigated a colour spectrum, radiated by the Rods-QUARTZ. “… This radiation can be successfully used when working with cancer diseased people, as well as for curing practice and for self immune therapy.”

The view of Para-psychologists

The points of view of many mediums are the following: “the Rods in the hands of a person creates two energy columns, that accept the energy from Space and let it flow into an organism. This energy circulates in the organism, purifying it and creating a protective energy field, inaccessible for mediums’ affection”

Vadim Polyakov, a Candidate of Science and a President of Applied Parapsychology Association, offered to share his opinion about the Rods. Having taken the Rods for the first time, Vadim Polyakov said the following: "I have been working with the metals and minerals for years, but this is the best I have ever held in my hands." He supposes, that when a person takes the Rods into his hands, a powerful energetic flow penetrates into his body. The phenomena is exceptionally interesting. It is nearly the same as an "energetic charging" of Philippinian surgeons before an operation. In Polyakov's opinion, one may shift the Rods' position in the hands, and the energetic field created by the Rods, changes direction. The field said, represented itself a spherical egg shape, is protective and healing at the same time. Working with the Rods, it is highly recommended to choose the most comfortable position. It is a guarantee of the positive Rods' influence, and the time of working is not too long: not more than 10-12 minutes, as one should activate the energy by small portions. According to Polyakov's statement "these cylinders are extremely useful".

The Views of Specialists in Tsigun, Yoga and other Bio-Energetic Practices…

…are nearly the same. The influence of the Rods increases the movement of "Chi" ("prana") energy in the energy meridians or canals. Due to the increased movement of Chi, canals "furred up" by disorders are actively cleaned out and a healthy energy balance between the organs is restored as a result. The increased movement of Chi causes a pricking sensation or numbness in the tips of the fingers, pulsation in the center of the palms and soles. The process of clearing blockages may cause a fairly wide range of sensations, the most common of which are vibration, pressure or bursting in certain parts of the body, to the point of tolerable, rapidly passing pain, ringing in the ears, slight dizziness. As the energy balance is restored those sensations disappear. Regular use of the Egyptian Rods while observing a number of rules in daily life strengthens and reinforces one's energetic potential right up to the point of establishing contact with higher forms of intelligence and the manifestation of other superior capabilities associated with the healthy and morally pure human being.

The view of astro-psychologists

египетские цилиндры

“…even the Rods' influence of short duration (about 5 mins) on human's psycho-physical fields and energetic structure stimulates the concentration of attention on inner images created by it, enforcing a trance and meditative effect. While a hypnotist may require months of trainings to reach the necessary concentration of attention, using the Rods-QUARTZ the training time decreases greatly, and the effect realized is much higher than that one reached by ordinary methods. Moreover, it is a rule of thumb, that using the Rods-QUARTZ both cerebral hemispheres become synchronized, and the potentials of the left and right hemispheres' cortex equalize. The effect of deeper and softer immersion into a meditative state in accordance with Theta-rhythms can be reached. A resembling effect can be achieved another way, e.g., by creating a binaurial wave when using the sound, heard through headphones. However, the Rods-QUARTZ have a softer affect on the energetic field of a human, and, furthermore, have prolonged action. The human's energetic field "records" the rhythms which appeared during the work session, and keep them for a period of 24-72 hours».

Irina and Michael Kosh. Astro-Psychologists, Moscow

It should be stressed, that the Electro-Encephalogram reading of a person, who improved his psychical abilities by means of various meditative and psycho-physical exercises, differ greatly from those of ordinary man, who improves his abilities in no way. The difference detected manifests itself in stability of Alpha-rhythms and in the level and amplitude of Beta-activity. It means, that a trained man has better results.

The Rods improves these results after working with them for 5 minutes. In other words, the Rods actively influence the cerebral hemispheres, bringing them into a harmonized condition, that allows one to get a deeper positive effect. And not only does the stability of the result received depend on individual peculiarities of a particular person, but also it depends on the frequency and duration of the work with the Rods. Regular exercises with them give more stable results, to be sure.