Medical recommendations of rods usage

цилиндры фараона

The study of the effectiveness of the Rods was carried out in April 1993 and December 1995 using modern equipment and the most advanced methods that were put forward for the Nobel Prize in 1990 by a group of medical scientists at the Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute led by Dr M.A. Nikulin. This research gave the following results:

The cylindrical Rods can be recommended for people suffering from:

When carrying out a number of targeting experiments, Dr. M.A. Blank, a specialist of the Oncological Center in Pesochny, outside St Petersburg, discovered that the influence of the Rods creates a special condition in the organism making it is much easier for it to cope with all its diseases itself. Dr Blank suggests that the Rods can be recommended as a preventive remedy for people with transcontinental syndrome, whose business is connected with flights from one time zone to another (pilots, sportsmen, tourists, long-distance drivers, etc.), and when asynchronous modes of internal and external organism work causes headache and weakness.

The research, carried out in June, 2000 by Polish bio-energetic doctors under the leadership of Marek Stavisky, showed, that “A surface of the zinc Rod radiates the ultraviolet spectrum. I use this spectrum for splitting the structures of malignant tumours and for freezing their activity. Another spectrum, that appears on the butt-end of the zinc Rod, is used for radiating the malignant tumours before operating.” His researches prove, that the radiation, provided only by the zinc Rod single, can be successfully used for treating cancer. The set of the Rods-QUARTZ, used in pair, provides the radiation that is effective for curing and also for use by ill people for self-immune therapy.

The complex researches, carried out by the International Shaping Federation in March-June, 2000 discovered, that the Rods can be effectively used for quick reduction of physical and nervous tension and physical and spiritual power recovery after working or training hard.

Daily work with the Rods has a beneficial effect in cases of: