Our history

жезлы египтян

1994 - a teacher of physics V. P. Kovtun brings some paragraphs from the manuscript of Kont (Count) Walewski, titled "The System of Caucasian Yoga", which have been extremely popular in Tbilisi in 70-ies in the semblance of rewritten school exercise-books. In this manuscript the process of making cylindrical-shaped rods, used in Ancient Egypt, is been told about. The first Rods are manufactured.

цилиндры фараона

The Company begins to gather the information, given by Egyptologists and historians, about the Rods, held by some of ancient Egyptian statues. The help is offered by The State Hermitage, Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, State Russian Museum. Famous Petersburg artists and sculptors prepare the project about the cylindrical rods.

Цилиндры Фараона

1994-1995 - M. A. Nikulin carries out researches of the cylindrical rods in Dzhanelidze First Aid Institute of Scientific Research and discovers the results of a positive influence of the Rods on a human's organism. The film about the cylindrical rods is being shoot on RTR under the title of "The Trial by Mystery". Some articles are published in different periodicals. Medical men, physicists, parapsychologists make a close study of the Rods' influence. The positive results are received. Serial production of the cylindrical rods under the Trade Mark of the "Cylinders of Pharaoh" is launched..

египетские цилиндры

1996-1997 - The Company cooperates with A. Shem and A. Romanenko, who founded a fund, named "Spiritual Unity", to distribute The Cylinders of Pharaoh.
During our trip to New York we studied the whole manuscript "The System of Caucasian Yoga" by Kont (Count) Walewski, published in the year of 1955 in USA. Also we have found a company, which produced the cylindrical rods of Kont (Count) Walewski before us in America. The cylindrical rods of Pihopy II were discovered in Metropolitan Museum.

Цилиндры Фараона

1997 - having studied the works by I. Shmelev, A. Martynov and A. Golod we launched the production of the Rods according to the Principle of the Golden Section and process them in the Pyramid. First Rods under the TradeMark "The Cylinders of Pharaoh-HORUS" had been manufactured

Цилиндры Фараона-HORUS

1998 - A test set of the Rods under the TradeMark "The Cylinders of Pharaoh-HORUS" according to a technology, suggested by V. Uvarov had been manufactured . They were not launched into serial production because of their imperfection.

1999 - We started the production ofThe Rods-KONT, with the rod-like fillings. The Rods-QUARTZ, The Rods-CRYSTAL - Rods's names with QUARTZ filling , processed in the Pyramid.
2000- The Rods is voted the best production at the specialized exhibition of Alternative Medicine in Moscow.


May, 2000 - working out a new type of the Rods "Antipipho" together with International Shaping Federation.
The Egyptian Rods are voted the best production at the Special Art Exhibition in Moscow for the second time.


Autumn, 2000 - the artists's group from St. Petersburg organized the trip to Egypt with Egyptian Rods.

работа с жезлами

2001 - exploring and producing the new type of cylindrical rods RODS-FREE.
International Shaping Federation, the polish bio-energetic therapeutists, Moscow Astro-Psychologists School elaborated new methods working with Rods.

о жезлах

2001 - Rods's presentation in Czechia and in Poland.

2002 - Till December, 2002 the Company had name KOVTUN ® . Since January, 2003 the Company is renamed RODS.RU.

Кристаллические Жезлы

2004 Ankh and Arc of the Covenant. Modified Quartz and Crystall Rods studies.
Methodology of International Shaping Federation is for Rods with extra generators inside.


2006- Pyramids and rods - studies of Ukrain Partners.

Жезлы Египтян

2008 - Edition of John DeSalvo, Ph.D., Director, Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association's book in USA. In one section of this book it' written about Rods, which our company makes.

Конт Валевский

2008-2009 Analysis of second part of IX Arkan of Kont Valevskiy's manuscript in cooperation with Greek experts. George Aggelidis gives an idea of Trinity Rods according to Kont Valevskiy's manuscript.

Creation and study of Trinity Rods.

действие цилиндров

2009-2010 partnership with Laboratory of High Technology №7 of Samara's departament od Academy of Medical-Technical science of Russian Federation.

Introductiom of method of energy-information operational development of Egyptian Rods.

Our company

цилиндрические жезлы

Gorbunova Svetlana (Mary Stell) has graduated the Saint-Petersburg State University. A physician. In 1994 invested the project of cylindrical rods' topic's development and organized the production. A PR-speciallist in present day.


Nathalie Tomtchek (Komorova) has graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State University, studies Japan. Nathalie had worked in MITSUBISHI Corporation in Japan for several years. In 1994 invested the project of cylindrical rods' topic's development and organized the production.
Had worked on the topic since 1994 till 1996. Our Company thanks Nathalie Tomchek for helping and rendering assistance to develope the topic of the Ancient Egyptian Rods.

Serguey Gorr has graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State Maritime Technical University. The head of the Company and the owner of the TradeMark "The KOVTUN-Company".


V. P. Kovtun, the teacher of physics in Lyceum of Pushkin, Candidate of Science. In the end of 1994 suggested us considering the topic of cylindrical rods. He had worked in the company since 1994 till 1999 under the contract. The Company registered and paid for the Trade Mark of "The Cylinders of Pharaoh" for V. P. Kovtun. He presents the "Cylinders of Pharaoh" project for today. You can read about it here in details.

купить цилиндры фараона

Valery Uvarov, ufologist. Had been distributing the Rods of our Company from October, 1997 till January, 2000. Had contributed heavily in popularization of the topic. Today Valery Uvarov presents the project "The Wands of Horus".
You can read about it here in details