Wands of Horus

Our Company was producing the rods under trademark The Wands o Horus in 1999.

Valery Uvarov distributor of RODS RU Company

Today the project "The Wands of Horus" is presented by Valery Uvarov. He had been distributing our product since 1997 till 2000.

In the year 2000 we refused to work with Valery Uvarov, because some proofs of Uvarov's secret intentions to make the same product apart from us had been received.

And so was it. By the end of the year 2000 The Wands of Horus had appeared, produced by Valery Uvarov. A first slander and fact falsification, concerning our company and spreaded by this man appeared in the Internet that time too.

We have ignored Uvarov's attacks, because we believe it to be impossible to present such a sacral topic and to hold aggressive position against anybody in the same time.

Today we receive many letters and accept multiple phone calls with requests to clear the situation and not to let people be deceived.

This is the reasons for this paragraph creation.

1. The first thing to mention about Uvarov's project is that people are offered the untested product. The researches of the Wands of Horus, referenced by Uvarov concerning his product, have never taken place. Those researches have been stolen from our Company.

2. Having stolen the researches, Valery Uvarov is distorting them intentionally. He discredits some researchers' groups in order to make their works fit his theory.

For example, the claim of Valeriy Uvarov about Wands of Horus helping to fight AIDS and autoimmune diseases is just a theory made up by Valeriy Uvarov, and there are no researches that have ever proved it.

Golod's Pyramid

3. The researches of the pyramids, referenced by Uvarov, have never taken place concerning his own Pyramids. Those researches acknowledged to be true only for Pyramids by A. Golod, but not for pyramids by Uvarov.

Neither A. Golod, nor "Grafit" research institute, as well as academician Kostikov and doc. Kotosonov never gave any permission to use these researches for advertising Uvarov's pyramids.

4. No one has also researched applicators and insoles (there are no researches at all concerning them).

The decision of the court on October 20, 2011 Valeriy Uvarov has to stop producing health-improving insoles for shoes health due to incomplete and inaccurate information about the product. The period of execution is the moment of obtaining of prescriptions. Valeriy Uvarov is also fined in the amount of 10 000 rubles.

5. Valery Uvarov behaves very aggressively regarding all of his predecessors in Rods' production in Saint-Petersburg, using slander and fraud on the Internet.

He tries to discredit all of the Rods' producers by any means, offering falsified information about acceptable level of magnetization of Wands on his Web Site.

6. Valery Uvarov even tried to use falsified materials (presented on his WebSite "The Wands of Horus") in order to start a trial involving our company, but the Truth and Law are for us. The verdict of Investigating Bureau of Ptrivate Affairs Department of Admiralteisky District, Saint-Petersburg, on August, 3, year 2002, is:

  • That our Company is legally making our production.
    We had started the production of Rods much earlier than Uvarov began it. Moreover, V.Uvarov had been working as a distributor of our Rods for several years.
  • We produce the rods according to the technology, described in the manuscript of Count Valevsky. The Useful Model by Valery Uvarov (who calls it Patent) has no novelty.
  • We cannot use the Trademark "Wands of Horus" to make our product, because Valery Uvarov, the distributor of our Rods, has registered this Trademark earlier without our consideration.

Today Valery Uvarov is still trying to rewrite the history of Rods' coming to Russia, using his usual lies and claiming that the rods of his predecessors are "fakes" and "unhealthy products".

But we have few questions:

1. Why Valery Uvarov for several years worked in our Company as a distributor of "unhealthy products"?

2. Why mr.Uvarov stole study "of harmful to the health wands" and assigns the data from that study to his own products?

3. Why Valery Uvarov does not result in any research since 2000 year when the "Wands of Horus" start produced by him?

4. Why did "fakes" and their studies take place 5 years earlier than " Wands of Horus " by Valery Uvarov? Why would he spread fakes and write books about them?

There are two variants of the answer:

1. Valery Uvarov isn't sure that the Wands of Horus really are useful for people, and doesn't risk to do independent researches.

2. Valery Uvarov knows that he does analog of our production, and all criticism in our address – slander and a juggling of the facts.

We are very sorry for him.

We would like to thank everybody, who tries to makes this important and necessary topic accessible for all people. Those are our former partners A. Shem and A. Romanenko (The Wands of Power), V. Kovtun (The Cylinders of Pharaoh), our predecessors in America, who has understood this topic long before we have done it, our contemporaries in Las Vegas, who also produces their own version, their own vision of the Egyptian Rods according to the manuscript by Count Valevski.

We also want to thank Alexander Golod, the creator of pyramids in Russia, kindly for his great desire to bring usefulness for people and to make our life better.

We want to thank the International Shaping Federation, that has been the source of the topic and has taken serious part in Rods' researches. Today the Federation works out new methods and devices to detect the Egyptian Rods' influence.

We also want to thank everybody, who is interested in the topic of the Egyptian Rods.

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