All of the researches, referenced by Uvarov, are concerned our first type of magnetic Rods "The Cylinders of the Pharaoh."

We are talking about the next researches:

  • by M.Nikulin, PhD, chief scientific member of Dzhanelidze Emergency Institute;
  • by M. Blank, chief specialist of X-Ray and radiology Institute of Pesochny Oncology Centre;
  • by professor Dulnev of the Institute for Precise Mechanics and Optics;
  • by K.Korotkov, using the Kirlian diagnosing method;
  • recommendations of Tsi-Ghun and Yoga specialists.

No one of these researchers:

Valery Uvarov also manipulates the facts on the Internet. As an example, we present his Facebook page - Wands of Horus & Pyramids.

But Konstantin Korotkov has never researched the Wands of Horus and has never heard about Valery Uvarov.

Konstantin Korotkov has researched our first model of magnetite Rods - The Cylinders of Pharaoh. Please, watch the video.

Korotkov never researched the Wands of Horus

Valery Uvarov also distorts some of the specialists conclusions intentionally in order to proove his theories:

We should also pay special attention to the researches, taken place in the Clinic of the Presidential Medical Centre of Russian Federation in Moscow on the 13th of July, 1999. Valery Uvarov makes serious conclusions about the Rods usefulness, based on these researches.

But… - no one has ever heard about those researches in this Clinic.

Those are the of Dr. Platonova, made after she has investigated the only woman, who has held our Company' Wands of Horus-Quartz once.

We do not reference these researches because we believe a single case of using the rods can not give any trustful information for serious conclusions.

Valery Uvarov makes serious conclusions out of that single appliance of the Wands and devotes some whole pages of his book to it, trying to build up some serious theories according to it.