египетские жезлы Конт

The Rods-QUARTZ provide a more gentle effect and the energetic shield generated by them is more stable. When working with the Rods-QUARTZ for one week, the improvement in the energetic shield will be kept for the next three weeks.

They are very good for guarding against cardio-vascular diseases, nervous depressions and many other illnesses, but may prove inadequate against such conditions in the acute phase.

Цилиндры Фараона

The Rods-QUARTZ powerfully suppress stress. Please note: If you take the Rods-QUARTZ in your hands late at night, when you want to fall asleep, you may experience the feeling of cheerfulness within next few minutes. The Rods-QUARTZ, affecting the CNS positively, stimulates your activity. This effect causes a blood pressure stabilization of the people, suffer from hypotonia (low blood pressure).

The Rods-QUARTZ are manufactured in three types:


Here's a comarison: with the Rods-QUARTZ(2) you can imagine yourself riding a bicycle along an even road, having rest and training at the same time. With the Rods-QUARTZ(3) you are riding the same bike but uphill. Your muscles are strained, your breath is intensive, heart beats rapidly. Are you ready to start, or will you wait for about a year?

It is also worth telling about a method of working with the Rods-QUARTZ, suggested by Polish bio-energetic doctor, Marek Stavisky:

"One zinc Rod-QUARTZ can be successfully used by ill people for self immune therapy. Holding the Rods for 8-15 minutes duration has caused a slow increasing of vital powers, immunity increasing up to 100% and regulating of the energy in "chakras" The energy during the first time of holding the Rod has been keeping the organism of those people in homeostage for 2-3 days. Holding the Rod for 1-2 min is enough to maintain the same level of the energy after 48 hours after it has been used"

Please consider the observations of Moscow Astro-Psychologists, Irina and Michael Kosh regarding positive manifestation:

"...If to take into consideration the terminology of a modern sensorics and to speak about mind forms (the images, created by ones mind, filled with emotional sense), we can note, that it is the Rods-QUARTZ, that strengthen the psychical abilities of a person so powerfully, that even a person without a special training is able to materialize the objects of his mental efforts in pretty short periods of time. For example, we have watched for so called "bringing into life" of desires, using the Rods (QUARTZ) for a week. However, as a rule, one should count on the results of the materialization during one lunar month. Moreover, a ritual, i.e. selecting the time and the particular conditions of a sesson with the Rods, is of great importance."

Why do we mention that the Rods-Crystal have the energy of pyramids in your hands? Why do we mention that the Rods-Crystal are concentrators of energy?

It is the special property of quartz crystal to remember for a long time the configuration of structural communications formed at the moment of high-energy influence. The quartz crystal can remember no more information, than it has edges. If there are new factors then the old information simply disappears. But no external force is capable of actually changing the crystal quartz.

The memory properties can be made more active by acting directionally on the crystal quartz by one of kind of energy (it can be thermal energy, light, electrical, magnetic field, including the thin energies, active torsion fields.)

Thin energies and active torsion fields are present in a highly concentrated form in a Pyramid. This can be seen on radar. The irradiation of the quartz crystal in a pyramid imprints it with torsion fields. Then the quartz crystal is capable to replicate them, when it contact with similar (only weaker) torsion fields generated by a human brain. There is a resonance effect which then multiplies the strength of the person's biofield.

The monocrystal in the Rods-CRYSTAL act more powerfully, in a more directed manner. The sand and the quartzites in Rods-QUARTZ create soft effect of "presence" in a pyramid, that helps a person recover his own protective field. This protective field helps prevent another's energy from affecting a person's vital processes.