necessary to remember

  1. The people with hypotonia (low blood pressure) should be reminded that when using the Rods one should not work too hard, especially on the threshold of unfavourable days (geomagnetic storms). Also should not you drive a car, pilot a plane or stand at the steering wheel of a ship, because of the possible somnolence. Appearance of the somnolence is a natural phenomenon of the Rods influence on the nervous system and organism as a whole.

  2. During such a sleep the organism transforms the received energy, and, having awoken, you feel the burst of cheerfulness. A slight dizziness is also possible after the work with the Rods. In this case it is recommended to lie down and relax. There is no need to worry, as this condition stops very soon.

  3. While working with the Rods there should not be any heavy or unpleasant thoughts, which may cause a stress. The Rods activate deep processes, connected with the human's mind. So, if you work with the Rods, being concentrated on some stress ideas, this may lead to dizziness.

  4. The vital energy follows the mind. When working with the Rods, our ordinary thought, the so-called mind-shape and simple desire become a part of a field structure, that increases greatly a possibility of this or that event, imagined by this mind-shape, thought or desire under the Rods' affection.

  5. People suffering from gall-stone and bladder-stone diseases, especially in the phase of exacerbation, should be warned that the Rods may lead to a sudden painful release of stones by activating the circulation of the blood.

  6. People, during and after the cerebral thrombosis, must especially careful while using the Rods. As it has been mentioned above, the Rods enhance the circulation of the blood.
    As the Rods increase blood circulation some women can have menses change.