The Pyramid of Thoth and Egyptian Healing RODS RU.

Victoria and Andrei Vakhrushevs built the Pyramid of Thoth 12 km from St. Petersburg, in the village of Istinka, Gatchina region.

Вика и Андрей

The pyramid of Thoth is a truly operating object, an exact copy of the Pyramid of Cheops (1/19). You can feel its power even at a distance from it. The space becomes denser as if you bump into an invisible wall.

The dimensions of the pyramid of Thoth are very impressive - almost 9 meters above the ground and the same amount of meters is the size of the underground part of the pyramid. The size of each side is 13 meters, the weight is about 400 tons. Made according to the technology of the Ancients - from blocks, without using of metal and located strictly on the cardinal points.

египетские жезлы Конт

In the pyramid of Thoth, they have precisely calibrated and reproduced all chambers of the Cheops pyramid (all 4 levels), a sarcophagus, a crypt / labyrinth and a portal.

Саркофаг Нижняя камера Крипта

Just like the Pyramid of Cheops, it is a bipyramid , where the negative (underground) chamber stands for a negative focus of the pyramid, and the positive focus of the pyramid is at the floor level of the well-known King's Chamber, where the sarcophagus stands.

Вика и Андрей

Therefore, two poles of the pyramid are clearly defined with zonal modulation "+" and "-". As we know from physics, an electromagnetic flow naturally occurs between the two poles. And taking into account that the rocks of limestone, the building material of the pyramid, contains quartz that is a natural battery. Then we get two batteries that serve as an uninterrupted source of energy.

The pyramid of Thoth was built on the natural place of power – Butova Mountain.

This is a man-made device, a natural energy generator that has positive and negative poles that allow polarizing the energies of the human body inside the pyramid. This is a very effective ancient technique that helped in enhancing sensations, meditations, recovery of energy strength and health in the human body, and activated metabolism at the cellular level of the body.

How does it work?

Polarization, or, to be more exact, the harmonization of processes in the body of a person inside the pyramid, occurs due to the fact that our body consumes positive energy from air, food, movement and negative energy from sleep, water (water is both inside and outside of us), from thought processes in our brain (energy of thought, prayer, meditation).

And all these processes are multiplied and amplified when a person is inside of this natural energy stream that occurs between the poles of the pyramid. The body is immersed in waves of energy flows that relax muscles, spasms, pulling out negativity and removing various blocks, clamps of our body

You don't need to do anything special, you don't need to perform ceremonies and rituals, you just need to go inside the pyramid, to one of its four levels, and spend some time there: from 30 minutes to 2 hours. All the rest id done by the pyramid at the expense of the energies of the earth, polarization and its own weight. And there is a lot of it in Thoth's pyramid, approximately 400 tons!

In the spring of 2020, we began to store the Rods filler in the Pyramid of Thoth.

Жезлы пирамида Пирамида Жезлы Светлана

The experiments were carried out to test various storage timing and different zones of the Pyramid. Having extensive experience in storing the filler for the Rods in the 22-meter Pyramid of Alexander Golod, we can say with confidence that working with the Pyramid of Thoth is a great opportunity for us and the users of the Rods.

египетские жезлы Конт

The 18-meter pyramid of Thoth, with 9 meters of located under the surface, continuously saturating the pyramid with powerful energies of the Earth. And 9 meters of premises for meditation / practice / work / training above the surface of the earth. Pyramid of Thoth is a powerful complex of four levels for all types of energy practices.

A website with a detailed description of the pyramid itself and the possibilities of working in it