Registered processes by scientific devices

действие цилиндров фараона

A computer monitor displays the data received from the acupoints which indicate an internal organs' condition. The information was taken from the bio-active palm zones with the help of diagnostic methods. There were three stripes on the monitor: green for "healthy organs", red and blue for "stressed or unhealthy organs". Everybody has their own unique pattern of these diagnostic indicators: some of them are in the green zone, others outside it, thus showing, that all of us have irregularities. Some minutes after holding the Rods, test subjects experienced a little miracle: all of the points started to move towards the green zone!

"...During the first few minutes of the test, people holding the Rods, experience a powerful pulse wave from the left side to the right.

A sensation of the vessels filling with blood is noted that has been named "the vascular stage" by researchers. Infrared radiation increases from the right upper limb, and then the thermal field at the limbs evens out. Together with these changes in the subject's organism, a general rise in activity is observed, accompanied by an 8-10 beats per minute increase in pulse-rate. By the second minute a warming of the cervico-thoracic section of the spinal column with increased infrared radiation was observed.

It follows, then, that the whole of the vegetative nervous system is drawn into the process, and there is an energetic activation of the tissues of both the upper limbs, and the body as a whole. As a consequence, headache is alleviated and blood pressure tends towards the norm."

/ From the experimental record /

A number of experiments carried out by Professor K.G. Korotkov of Colombo University, on our first model of magnetic Rods – Cylinders of the Pharaoh.He used a Kirlian diagnostic method, indicated that precise diagnositic information on the indications of illness was obtained from people holding the Rods. In other words, in some instances the Rods significantly increase the accuracy of diagnosis. Also it was proved, that when using all the three types of the Rods one can harmonize energo-information field of a human. A single impulse, provided by the Rods, can be considered as an equal to the influence of a powerful hypnotist on a human organism's energetic balance. Energetic disorders disappear and an evenly distributed energetic shield is created.

The condition of human organs before and after the using of the Rods was tested. Some diagrams, concerning a condition of the different organs, were investigated with the help of a Kirlian-diagnostic Method. As expected, some readings were in Green zone, (that meant Ok) and some in Red zone (meaning disorder). It was discovered that when using the Rods, all the readings began moving from Red to Green zone.

The Kirlian diagnostic method for the different types of the Rods produced different results that were particular to the person. Someexperienced better results with the Rods-KONT, some were better-served by the Rods-QUARTZ. For energetically powerful people, the Rods-CRYSTAL offered the best improvement. This study proves that individual considerations are important when selecting the type of the Rod for person.