Caucasian Yoga

VITIC RODS.RU is only a small part of Ancient Eurasian tradition Ahmsta Kebzeh or Caucasian Yoga.

"Only those who are ready can hear the call,
for the others the time hasn’t came yet,
but one day must come."

Caucasian Yoga combines egyptian yoga, zaroastrizm Mazdanan, Arian yoga using Master-arcane and symbol visualization. This is one of the most Ancient systems of development of human potential capabilities.

Much of Caucasian Yoga may be find in teachings of Gurdgiev, who is acquainted with those unique knowledge of his homeland.

Living Traditions of Elite started leaving Caucasus around 500 years ago. They were almost destroyed during the Caucasia war of 1763-1864.

Murat Yagan (1915-2013) was a leader of revival and distribution of this system. He used to be an outstanding cherkess master of Ahmsta Kebzeh. He used to live in Canada for the past 40 years. He has got thousands of progenies all over the world.

Traditions of Caucasian Yoga by Walewski and Yagan’s experience are generalized by Zaur Gane. He is a president of associateion of Caucasian Yoga, and he is reviving and systematizing the ancient doctrine about spiritual growth of a person - Ahmsta Kebzeh on Caucasus.

Zaur Gane has published a book called «The path of Chosen: Secrets of Caucasian Yoga». Here is what Zaur Gane said about his book.

- Every one, who has read «Caucasian yoga» written by Count Walewski understand that using it as a textbook is impossible. Moreover, it may be dangerous. I tried to present all aspects of this teachings in extremely plain and modern language. I was working on this book for 10 years, and I’m glad that it was sold out in my country so fast. Now I am finishing the second book, and it is going to be a continuation of a first one. I would like to mention work of Canadian patriarch of Caucasian yoga Murat Yagan, that were the first publications of Ahmsta Kebzeh on the West and inspired me.

Caucasian yoga practices provide recovery and purifying at all levels of being:
physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

1. Physical purifying and recovery.

- In Caucasian yoga lots of attention is paid to the way of eating. It is said that the length of life changing depending on the amount of food. But despite the teachings of classical Caucasian yoga Ahmsta Kebzeh doesn’t insist on vegetarian diet. The food should be simple, balanced, healthy and fresh, and the process of eating should bring joy.

- Daily morning gymnastics consists of 21 exercises and has an unprecedented influence upon all weak spots of cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae.
Those exercises were used by cherkessian horse riders for improving riding skills.

Spectal role is for the technology of breathing. Ahmsta Kebzeh contains knowledge about unique techniques of defragmentic breathing.

2. Emotional purifying and recovery.

From the point of view of Ahmsta Kebzeh any disease represents violation of free energetic flow of vitic energy. These violations may be caused by emotional, physical or intellectual blocks. These blocks penetrate the nervous system and may be caused by deep problems of person’s EGO.

Negativism is the root of all illnesses.
Fear, impatience, irritability, susceptibility, self-reproach, revengefulness, envy, greed, mendacity, pride, indifference, idleness, ribaldry, jealousy, hatred, fanaticism, ennui, are the. Poisoning all levels of human being.
Emotional venoms of negativism block the free flow of vital energy and disrupt the harmony of organs and systems. There is an antidote for these poisons. It is practice of 12 attributes of unconditional love, together with practices of inner body, which are the basis of Ahmsta Kebzeh.

3. Intellectual purifying and recovery.

Intellect, carrying out functions of logical thinking and intuition, can become either powerful instrument of creativity, or destructive weapon, which can lead to self-destruction too.Caucasian tradition is an open system, teaching its followers to contemplate attentively both inner and outside realities, and make right conclusions, checking them by personal practice.

4. Spiritual purifying and recovery.

Ahmsta Kebzeh Ahmsta Kebzeh says that human is the most blessed creature on the Earth, because he ispotentially able to regain direct connection with Inner God (Marjah). The main goal is awaken the hidden ability. The only way for Truth to become knowledge, and for knowledge to become Truth, is personal mystic experience that helps us to understand who we truly are.