The first production to be distributed by Valery Uvarov was "The Cylinders of the Pharaoh".

Valery Uvarov gives his whereabouts as a distributor of "The Cylinders of the Pharaoh" and acknowledges, that our Company manufactures the production according to special technologies and guarantees high quality in his brochure "The harmonic resonance law. The Cylinders of the Pharaoh".

Цилиндры Фараона

The first paragraph of the brochure tells, that this topic has been started by V.P. Kovtun together with our Company.

Цилиндры Фараона
Here is the translation of the text on the left page above:

The Cylnders of the Pharaoh® or the harmonic resonance law.

/Compiled by V. Uvarov, - Saint-Petersburg.: publicity of the kovtun® company,
1997, - 48 p.
Trademarks "The Cylinders of the Pharaoh"(in Russian) and "The Cylinders of the Pharaoh" belong to V.P. Kovtun
Trademarks "kovtun" and "HORUS" belong to S.V. Gorr
Here is the translation of the text on the right page above (the first paragraph):

The analytical centre of the KOVTUN Company, presented by V. Uvarov, offers the readers a work, devoted to some researches of the Ancient Egypt inheritance, that have been taken place during the last several years. This book continues a topic, started by V.P. Kovtun in Russia...

Valery Uvarov introduces himself as a distributor of our product and acknowledges our company to produce The Wands of Horus in his book "The Wands of Horus", published by "Dilja" publicity in 1999.