Cylinders of Pharaoh


First VITIC RODS.RU under the trade Mark "Cylinders of Pharaoh" were made by our company in cooperation with Vladimir Kovtun. He had worked in the company since 1994 till 1999 under the contract.
There was a mutual decision to organize the KOVTUN Company and to register Trade Mark "Cylinders of Pharaoh" on Vladimir Kovtun.

Lots of researches of RODS were conducted during our cooperation from 1994 till 1999, the movie "Trial by Mystery" was made by RTR.

The trade mark and patent (useful model ), that now Vladimir Kovtun owns - was payed by our Company.

Since 1999 Vladimir Kovtun has been producing the Cylinders of Pharaoh separately from us.

Our Company had produced the Cylinders of Pharaoh before 2000 year.

Now we produce the Rods-Kont. These are improved Cylinders of Pharaoh.

The differences are described here.

V. Kovtun does not recognize the Pyramids' influence, Quartz and Crystal Rods.