The Cylinders of Pharaoh and the Rods-KONT.

What are the difference?

Цилиндры Фараона

Since 1994 our Company had launched the manufacturing of the cylindrical rods under the Trade Mark of The Cylinders of Pharaoh. Their initial sizes were: length = 150 mm, diameter = 28 mm. The fillings were powder-like coal and ferromagnetic material.

Жезлы Гора

In the beginning of 1999 the rods of red-hot coal and magnetized red-hot iron were made, as it was indicated in the manuscript by Kont (Count) Walewski. Paying tribute to the traditions of Ancient Egypt, and to Kont (Count) Walewski also, as to our contemporary, who told people about the ancient rods, the improved Cylinders of Pharaoh were decided to call the Rods-KONT.

The Rods-KONT are the cylinders, which sizes are produced according to the Golden Section. The fillings are the rods, made of red-hot coal and red-hot magnetized iron . The Rods are by necessity processed in the Pyramid.