In the fall of 2001 our company participated in the International Esoteric Festival in Poland.

Rods have caused moderate interest, and our little daughter diligently distributed advertising information, trying to attract visitors to our exhibition stand.

Жезлы Египтян в Польше

On the very last day of the festival, we were invited to a meeting of the gated Esoteric community. It was explained to us that this meeting would be important for us and it is of direct relevance to Rods.

At this meeting in the homeland of Kont (Count) Walewski, we received a set of Rods that belonged to our predecessors, which dealt with this topic long before us, that have worked with this subject in the beginning of the last century.

Vitic Rods

In addition to the Rods, we also received documents on their research in English.

"It was said 2000 years ago, that
there is nothing hide that would not be revealed."
Kont (Count) Walewski "Caucasian Yoga"

The historical context leads us to an English scientist born in the 19th century, Professor Arthur E. Baines. Arthur Baines was an electrophysiologist, who has studied electrical phenomena in the body in various states of its functioning, the activity of the nervous system during the effect of direct or alternating electric current on them. Some of his books published in the early 20th century are presented in the attachment.

reviews of egyptian healing rods Vitic Force Mental technology

Baines was interested in aging process and particularly in gradual failure of generation of nerve force. Baines wrote in his book "The Origin and Problem of Life":

"My knowledge of a new force called Vitic came about in a curious way. Years of resident in Egypt had created interested in Egyptology, an interest which upon my return to England drew me not infrequently to the galleries of the British museum. I noticed that a statue of one of the priests was shown holding a cylinder in each hand, my curiosity was aroused and I determined an investigation ... also, the statue of the royal Nen-Kheft-Ka is shown holding a rod in each hand, much in the manner that a runner holds corks. In my belief these rods were symbolical, but of what? The keynote of the Egyptian character was perhaps sensuality, but more likely virility. Inquiry elicited the fact that nothing was known of the purpose or meaning of the rods...

Years of experiment followed in the effort to discover something, which, whenheld in the hand, would beneficially affect the nervous system. Finally it was found, by accident, in CARBON.

Hard carbon such as is used in arc-lamps will give out a certain amount of force, which, experience has taught us, is not to be distinguished from nerve force. But if the carbon is specially hardened, the force evolved by it is greatly augmented and the rod becomes a real source of power; a power which is so readily absorbed and stored by the unipolar ganglion cells that a five-minute charge remains effective for at least 12 hours."

The second cylinder shown in the left hand of An-Kheft-Ka was probably of minor importance and was not of the nature of carbon, as that would have neutralized the charge. It was, I have little doubt, fashioned from a piece of magnetic iron ore."

We shall note that Baines comes to these knowledge without the manuscript of Kont Walewski!
But he writes precisely about the nuances of the use of Rods from this manuscript.
What is it - the insight of a scientist who is a specialist in this field or information from the outside???

In 1914 the work of other scientists from England, which refer to the discovery of Baines, already appeared.

(Baines continues, quoting Dr. J. Horne Wilson) "In an article in The Practitioner of June 1914 Dr. J. Horne Wilson wrote of this discovery of mine: "In this connection (nerve deafness) I may mention that a rod of carbon, which has its molecular condition altered in a similar way to that of iron when it is converted into a magnet, has a most remarkable effect on the body deflections. If held in the right hand, it produces an off-scale positive deflection, and an off-scale negative if held in the left hand. If held in contact with the right side of the body for five or ten minutes it makes the hand-to-hand deflections strongly positive, and has exactly the opposite effect if held in the left side of the body.

What this force is I do not at present pretend to say, but it has a marked influence on the electrical condition of the body, though no direct influence upon the terminals of the galvanometer. It evidently charges the body with a force akin to nerve energy, as it is retained for a much longer period than electricity is."

(Baines continues, still quoting from J. Horne Wilson) "In the Medical Times of July 25, 1914 the same author wrote: "This form of energy will raise the nerve currents to normal. The rod held in the right hand act as a stimulant WITHOUT ANY DEPRESSING AFTER EFFECT, and in the left hand as a SEDATIVE. Under its stimulating influence the nervous system generally is benefited; mental fatigue rapidly disappears and morbid conditions such as neurasthenia, insomnia, and feeble action of the heart readily yield to it.

The second cylinder was from a piece of magnetic iron ore. Magnetism applied to the left side of the body stimulates the heart section, but only so long as the body remains within the magnetic field. The properties of magnetic iron ore – and perhaps these properties – were known to the Chinese in olden times, and also to the earlier Greeks, who, as likely as not, gained their knowledge from the Egyptians.

If two rods are held, carbon in the right hand and a permanent magnet in the left, the effect is accentuated; the carbon endures for some 12 hours, that of the magnet ceases upon relinquishment."

In 1918 (Professor Baines continues, and quotes Dr. White Robertson) "In his studies in Electro-Pathology, Dr. White Robertson, writing of my hypothesis that an electric wave is not simple but compound, says

"That the second alternative is not far-fetched is suggested by a recent discovery of Baines, that by a special hardening process applied to ordinary arc-carbon, a new force has been found to reside in (hardened) carbon, which can be conveyed to and stored in the body for a period of several hours by simply holding these in the hand, with the result that subnormal galvanometric deflections are enormously enhanced; and already we have been able to observe gratifying changes in cases of nervous breakdown apparently by increasing the nerve charge through these new carbons.

What this force is we do not yet know, nor is it known to the eminent physicists and physiologists to whom we have demonstrated it. It is not magnetic. And it differs from an electric charge in that it is not really diffused, but is, as registered by the galvanometer, stored probably in the unipolar ganglia of the nervous system."(С. 61, White Robertson: Studies in Electro-Patholoby; Dutton, N.Y.1918)

 Brian Brow 1924 Dynamic power Then interest in this topic moved to America.

A writer, who has studied the artifacts of various civilizations and who did not fail to pay attention to Egypt, Brian Brown (1881) writes about the history of the discovery of the Rods by the English professor A.Ye. Baines in his book “Dynamic Power of the Inner Mind: An Outline of Practical Psychology” published in 1924.

This book was read by Prof. Meade Layne (September 8, 1882 - May 12, 1961), who also became interested in this topic.

Meade Layne In surveying that academic career, we find Layne completed his English masters at the University of Southern California (B.A., 1909; M.A., 1911), and further engaged himself in graduate studies of philosophy at the University of Oregon, Eugene (1926). Through the 1920s and into the 30s, he worked a series of different teaching jobs Between his varied teaching assignments and other careers, Layne contributed papers and research notes to a variety of parapsychology, spiritualist, and occult journals. Near fifteen years he was editorial directorship of the Round Robin. As the years progressed, Layne developed a reputation as a competent investigator of esoteric matters, possessed of deep knowledge - in no small part owing to his academic pedigree - and great openness to new understandings. He was avowed as an exemplar student of Qabalah and learned much from mentors the likes of Frater Achad, and contemporaries including Frater Damon and Israel Regardie. This active pursuit of occult wisdom directly influenced all of his work.

 Brian Brow 1924 Dynamic power
Meade Layne, interested in the topic of Rods, creates the Vitic Research Project. The first article on the Rods appeared in March 1945 in the journal "Round Robin". Befor 1965, this journal published 10 articles (!) containing research on this topic.

"The Secret Doctrine must be continually updated; always remember that yesterday’s magic is today’s science! What was lost in the Caucasus mountains in the Russian revolution of 1917 is alive today in America."Meade Layne

The main conclusions made by our predecessors:

1. Both carbon and magnet Rods should be used, one in each hand, to complete the circuit.

2. "To many this use of the carbon—magnet mixture is good, it is rejuvenating; to others it is not good, because you are attracting to your body metallic vibrations. The way of determining whether Vitci Rods will be good or not - only by the reactions of the individual."

3. "The Carbon Rod - both stimulant and sedative. The rod of carbon will when held in the right hand act as a stimulant WITHOUT ANY DEPRESSING AFTER EFFECT, and in the left hand as a SEDATIVE."

4. Is Carbon Rod alone effective ? "No, because they have only the negative energy. For some people it isn't good; for the carbon emanations get into the system and act as a stimulant too high for them, and prevents their sleeping"."

5. For some people, it is not recommended to hold the Carbon Rod in the left hand due to too strong a drawing on the heart.

6. "The Rod with magnet is the acting force upon the cells of the body. There is an emanation surrounding the carbon. As long as You don't enter into the magnetic field the emanation has no effect, but when You do come into the field the emanation has a strong pull. It pulls the emanation into the body. If You are holding an electric wire and have no ground, it doesn't make a complete circuit; so, the carbon is the"ground" for the magnetic current. Yes, there is a magnetic current, not electric. Your original current came about through what I call static electricity."

7. Magnetic flows penetrating inside the body with the help of a bundle “Carbon Rod - Magnet Rod”, give additional energy, using which the body can fight with various undesirable phenomena.

8. The Carbon Rod effects the nervous system.
The Magnet Rod - regenerates the cellular structure of the body throughout.

9. The Carbon Rod and Magnet are successfully used in restoring the correct polarity of the body. Let us give some examples from the research of Dr. Al Goeke.

10. In our search for a way to make artificial MANA the holding of a magnet on one hand has been popular from Ancient times. In modern times there came the idea of holding a magnet in one hand and a rod of hardened carbon in the other, the supposition being that a force would be generated and stored in the body - Artificial MANA from VITIC Rods. Brian Brown in his book "Dynamic Power of the Inner Mind: An Outline of Practical Psychology"(1924), wrote about the possibility that the Ancient Egyptians had made VITAL FORCE ARTIFICIALLY. He told of the portraits of Egyptian priests and rulers, painted on the walls of tombs and showing that they held a round rod or something in each hand.

11. "The best part about VITIC is that it produces no interference with radio, TV or other electronic equipment. This is a higher or different order of energy, electronic in nature but impossible to capture and measure with standard equipment."

Mark Probert 12. "You spoke a little while ago about the carbon and magnet rods and it's effects upon the body. It's an ancient usage, You know. It was once used in Ancient Egypt, and it will be found, from the studies of archeologists, that it was used by Pharaohs and in India and China. I feel, too, that to some extent it was used in Yucatan.” From Mark Probert's session of the famous American trance (mid 40s of the last century)

 Vitic Rods Carbon

Looking at the Rods of our predecessors a very thin wall near the copper pipe catches the eye. It was constructed in order to better feel the core of hardened coal. As for the Moon Rod, our measurements have shown SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER magnetism of a magnetic rod inserted into a zinc cylinder comparing our KONT Rods.

Paying tribute to our predecessors, observing the proportions and the magnetization of their Rods, we manufactured this model of the Rods of 1912 - Vitic Rods 1912.

Vitic Rods 1912


  1. Do not use with pacemakers !!!
  2. If you have heart problems, do not hold the copper Rod in your left hand.
  3. Do not store Rods near credit cards, hearing aids, TV monitors and computer monitors, intercom keys.
  4. Dosed use.


  1. Very fast recovery of nerve energy - they were called VITIC for a reason.
  2. Active work with the lower part of our body - legs, spine, genitals.
  3. Strong enough magnetic field of the Rods 1912. It affects the cellular level and changes the condition of the diseased cells: improves their nutrition, accelerates the excretion of decomposition products.
  4. The microcirculation of the pelvic organs increases many times, which helps eliminate congestive processes, such as in the prostate gland.
  5. It is necessary to periodically clean this Rods, as they strongly draw out the negative.