Researches of Rods by doctor Al Goeke.

Let's give some examples from researches Rods of our predecessors by doctor Al Goeke.
"I have been correcting polarity by laying on of hands for years and could tell of some very interesting cases.Now I find that the carbon and magnet will also do it.
This is how I set up an experiment:

I have the subject lie down and hold the carbon rod in his hand, on the side we are working on.

I use one magnet on a six-inch string, as a pendulum. If there is work to be done it will gyrate in a circle. When it does, I hold the magnet there, suspended on the string, until it stops gyrating.

I start below the bottom of the foot. When the magnet stops gyrating,. I move it up along the leg a foot or so. The magnet start spinning again. I stay there until it stops -and— so on up the side of the body.

If there are trouble spots the subject feels surges of energy in the hand holding the carbon, at each swing of the magnet. When that side has been covered I find that the reversed polarity has been corrected. This experimental procedure can be used even if the polarity is correct, because it is stimulating and it does build aura. The extent of the aura is a measure of vitality.

My most interesting experiment was the worst case of shingles the doctors had ever seen in these parts. It involved the entire backside of one leg of a man 76 years old. The MDs had nothing offer him but shots, which did no good. He could not stand on this leg and the scaly covering was cracking and bleeding. He bad lost 28 lbs. in weight. It was a horrible sight.

In this experiment I had him hold the carbon in his hand and lay on. his side, with the back of his leg toward me. Using Sears-Roebuckts largest (56 lb, pull) magnet as a pendulum or. a six-inch string, I let it gyrate close to the shingled leg, then backed directly away from him until it stopped, then stepped forward again and so until the entire aura had been remagnetized. The subject could feel every swing of the magnet, in the hand holding the carbon, even though I was at times six feet away from him. He was convinced he would have lost use of the leg permanently had I not offered to experiment on him. The foot on that shingled leg was numb, lie got immediate relief from the first experiment and has been making steady progress.


There is nothing in the Universe but electricity because everything can be reduced to electrons, protons and neutrons - or negative, positive and neutral electricity. Now everything electrical must have polarity.

The left side of the body should be negative, the right side positive (for right-handed people. RC) and neutral up the center: until we get to the eyebrows and from there up it should be positive.

I just tried carbon and magnet on goiter for the first time. I laid the carbon on the goiter and placed a magnet on the opposite aide of the subject’s neck. She immediately felt great reactions in the goiter.

Another experiment was made on a numb left leg. With my pendulum I traced the trouble to the subjects right temple. I placed the carbon rod under his left foot. At eight feet out from the subject’s right temple, but in his aura and holding the swinging magnet, He could feel a throbbing in that left foot and the numbness left his leg!

In my own case I have been fighting off surgery on a fissure for 25 years. Now, with carbon and magnet, I am finally making progress." Al Goeke, 1965.

«Report on Vitic Rods: Subject 86 old, severe attack of Shingles (7,5 years) affecting – left shoulder, arm and back. Sitting down increases pain so much must lie down most of the time. Reading is done in that position. After one month of experiments ‘in circuit’ with .- carbon and magnets, 30 minutes two or three times a day, noticed the following improvements: able to sleep two hours or more at a time, instead of only a few minutes and awakened by pain. Able to stay in bed four, five, even six hours at a time without getting up at night, instead of every hour as previously. A little more energy but pain is not decreased much… Very, very grateful for all Your publications and for Vitic." Herman Theuriet, Santa Cruz, Californlia