Rods remember Egypt

(paragraphs from a story)

We are sitting in an artists' studio. They have just returned from Egypt. Their faces are a bit tired, but happy and sunburned. According to a great amount of pictures taken, the guys have a lot to tell us.

When preparing for this trip, we realized, that we would investigate Egypt with a help of ourselves only. We wanted no ordinary excursions - we desired freedom of our movements, our minds and eyes. We wanted the time to belong only to us. So, we had our own guide and we could always count on a van.

First of all we spent several days with the Pyramids in Giza. I don't want to sing any hymns to the Pyramids. One should see them himself. Perhaps, they were created by a man. But if it is so, that man is much greater than we are. I am sure, the Pyramids didn't serve as a burial-vault for Pharaohs. When working in the Pyramids (those of Mikkerine and Kheops) we felt their influence ourselves. It is a great activator of bio-energy, to be sure. Now it works in free-running mode. It receives the energy and sends it down into the ground. Thanks God, the keys of bio-technologies don't belong to our governors, and they can not use the Pyramids for making zombies out of Earth citizens. It is much easier to work inside a small Pyramid. E.g., that one of Mikkerine. We felt as if we had been home there.

Just in about a few seconds we entered the state of meditative relaxation and image visualization. Neither tourists nor people, trying to join our meditation, disturbed us. We worked within our group. The Pyramid influenced us according to our efforts.

- How do the Rods work inside the Pyramid and near it?

We think, that the Rods "know" a magnetic field of Egypt. They make one feel an influence much quicker. We recommend starting to work with the Rods outside the Pyramid at first. They work more effectively here. Just walk around the Pyramid Clockwise and Counter Clockwise (one should start with the Small Pyramid) A work with the Rods inside a Bio-Complex (the Pyramid) is harder. The Rods are a particular key. At first, you try to select the right one, as if using a lock-pick, trying to tune yourself to a right frequency. A moment of resonance is interesting: the Rods pull your hands so strongly, that it is hard to control them. The hands stop feeling themselves. It repeats several times per hour.

Having tuned yourself at last you send a command, and the Rods enforce your impulse. Recalling the events, taken place with us in the Pyramids, we can say, that we have come out from them, having changed greatly. A feeling of changes happened hasn't left us till now. While we were working inside the Pyramid, a great storm took place outside. The guide, waiting for us, was really puzzled: for about 18 years there had been nothing similar to this storm in Egypt.

(Photographer - Serge Moiseenko)