Nerve force energy.

"I found the most vulnerable factor in health to be the nerves, the body’s governing force. That is where the body is weakest and most sensitive to abuse. We must begin to build up our Vital Force in the nerves. "

Paul Bragg

We can say that the nervous and vital energy are the same.

People with a strong nervous system, can overcome the difficulties of life, to solve the emerging problems. Nervous force provides health both physical and mental. It provides a reserve power to achieve success in life vitality and endurance depend on it

If Your nervous system is wrong, You feel it physically. Constant, chronic fatigue, lethargy, fatigue, premature aging and indifference to the pleasures of life - all these are manifestations of a deficit of nerve force.

If You are in any way spend more nervous force than your body it produces, then You will have the nervous bankruptcy.

No drugs, no stimulants as coffee, tea, tobacco, energy drinks don't help with nervous disorders and exhaustion.

But how can we restore our nervous force?

VITIC RODS.RU were created by the Ancient Egyptians for RESTORATION of NERVE ENERGY.

Here's what was said about the Vitic Rods in the manuscript by Kont (count) Walewski "Caucasian Yoga":

RECHARGING NERVOUS ENERGY. The way, used in Ancient Egypt for strengthening energy flows within a human body, was shown on the figures, demonstrating the second Master-Arkan

Цилиндры фараона
(see pic graphical, where the Rods are showed).

Two rods clasped in the of this standing figures, were the grips of tremendous power, akin to electricity (secondary electricity), which when ther grips were held in the hands released this energy into the body, to be stored in unipolar ganglias and in spinal fluid. The renewal of energetic potential is hundred-per-cent and continues for day and night during 24 hours’’

Using the Rods You restore nerve, vital energy, give the body a possibility for selfhealing, activation of the protective function and the environment creates where the body is much easier to overcome their problems.

In the beginning of 20th century the English scientist, A. E. Baines writed in the article "The Origin and Problems of Life”

«There are at least three things that mitigate against a continuance of the vigourous life for prolonged periods.
One is physical deterioration;
the other is a gradual failure of generation of nerve force;
and the third a falling off in the production of certain glands that part lies the body and brain.
First of all, we require a means of generating NERVE FORCE in order to be able to supply it”.

VITIC RODS.RU were created by the Ancient Egyptians for continued energy Life.

And the first researches from Dzhanelidze First Aid Scientific Research Institute have supported it

From the medical conclusion:

Daily work with the Rods has a beneficial effect in cases of:

  • over-agitation and nervous disorders;
  • vegeto-vascular disorders;
  • normalize the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses;
  • removing stress, spastic phenomena, nervous tics and obsessive-compulsive movements;
  • problems with arterial pressure;
  • chronic fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

The Rods will always promote a deeper sleep, having a positive effect on the nervous system, removing insomnia.

Our nerve cells are reservoirs of nervous energy. If they are half empty, it means that You are already half exhausted . Thus, your vital organs and muscles will get only half of the supply of nerve force, necessary for the perfect functioning.

When You work with VITIC RODS.RU and fill Your nerve cells with nervous energy and restore it to the end, the nerve pressure is very high.You are full of vigorous physical and spiritual energy. The task doesn't seem too complicated, the stress doesn't seem too harsh. You have renewed energy and vitality of the average person, and you never know what is fatigue. You have so much energy In your reservoir that you absolutely don't get tired.

The Ancients knew it.

We know it now too.