VITIC POWER and Life force.

More than 70 years ago and English scientist, A. E. Baines, stated in a paper entitled "The Origin and Problems of Life" that there are at least three things that mitigate against a continuance of the vigourous life for prolonged periods.
One is physical deterioration;
the other is a gradual failure of generation of nerve force;
and the third is a falling off in the production of certain glands that part lies the body and brain.

"We have then, to deal with the deficiencies, deficient nerve force and, it may be, deficient insulation, the latter with special regard to the effective functioning of certain glands, which may receive a normal supply of energy but by reason of defective insulation failed to retain or fully utilise it" Baines stated, and continued, "Nor is that all. The impulse which stimulates and activate our plan is passed from the brain through the secretory and if they are not retained or utilised fresh demands made upon the brain to replace the wastage."

"First of all, we require a means of generating nerve force in order to be able to supply it.

For years we have heard of a new force called "Odic" and "Psychic" It has been associated in the minds of most people with the occult, probably because no one has yet been able to demonstrate satisfactorily its nature, its value to humanity, or even to evolve it.

The ancient Egyptians could, there is reason to believe, do so and, but for the burning of these library in Alexandria, might have been disclosed before the Christian era… I have called this force "Vitic".

VITIC RODS.RU can solve this problem.

It is said in manuscript of Kont Walewski that these Rods were used in Ancient Egypt for "recovery of nervous energy» and return of Vitic Force, and they gave «full energy recovery in 5 minutes".

Vitic Force shows how much is the person filled with the desire to live. A person can be happy only if he has vitic force. This is a precious gift from above. We get it when we are born, and its reserve is not infinite for each person.

Ancient knowledge of East says that Vitic Force of a person may be divided in 2 polar forms: static and dynamic.

Dynamic part is a prana, which is moving through all body. It is also called «Vitic heat» or biological flame.

The famous Russian Doctor, specialist in Tibetian medicine Badmaev stated that «Vitic- life heat» means not only producing of heat, but general viability of the organism and its resis-tance to external influences. Talking about living systems, it’s their ability to live and to prolong this life in their descendants by successful interaction with environment.

Static part is a potential energy of Kundalini , and it’s a spiritual potential of Vitic Force. This force is a statical basement for the whole bode and all its moving pranical parts. This form of Vitic Force is one of the qualities of the initial psychic energy.